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How Can You Have Heart Failure If You Didn't Know You Had Heart Disease?

How Can You Have Heart Failure If You Didn't Know You Had Heart Disease?

When you receive a diagnosis of heart failure

, it is frightening and alarming. You might be really confused if your doctor has previously given you a clean bill of health, or at least never mentioned that you should be worried about your heart.

If your cholesterol numbers are pretty good, you may get a false sense of comfort. However, good cholesterol numbers are not a promise that you will not have a heart attack, and Statin medications used to control cholesterol actually contribute to heart failure!

Heart disease kills more people than every other cause of death combined, and the use of Statin drugs is increasing at an alarming rate. Cholesterol drugs are big money makers, and the public is largely unaware of the dangers these drugs present.

You don't know what you don't know. That works in favor of those trying to profit off your fear, but you deserve to be advised of all your options.

Every person on the planet should exercise their options to make better diet and lifestyle choices. Most everyone has heard of the basics of a healthy heart program.

* reduce saturated fat

* eat your fruits and vegetables

* reduce, if not stop, smoking

* manage your stress

* get out there and exercise

What you may not be aware of is the fact that processed foods contribute in a very significant way to heart disease. The empty calories from these foods can't provide you with the life giving nutrients you need.

The result is over eating in an attempt to meet your needs. Mal-nutrition also causes water retention, which interferes with the absorption of vital nutrients. This vicious cycle wreaks havoc on your emotional health as well.

You will not feel well without proper nutrition. Oxygen is also a nutrient that is vital to your recovery from heart failure. 92% blood oxygen saturation is required at all times to maintain a nurturing environment for your recovering heart. You should use supplemental oxygen if needed to ensure that this need is met.

by: Carrie Tucker
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How Can You Have Heart Failure If You Didn't Know You Had Heart Disease?