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How Authors Can Sell More Books Using The Internet by:EJ Jolivet

How Authors Can Sell More Books Using The Internet by:EJ Jolivet

Self published and published authors can learn how to use the internet to sell more

books by following the lead of of other popular authors in the publishing industry. You don't have to rack your brain to come up with a bunch of new ideas, until you've used and mastered the existing marketing tools.

A Profitable Web Presence

By engaging to your target audience online, you increase their chances for exposure to your and sales. That's why knowing what kind of information to put on your website and what to do on the social media sites that you frequent, can mean the difference in an effective book marketing campaign versus one that results in wasted days and wasted nights, online.

People are more likely to spend money with you, if they feel they know and trust you. So the more places they see information about you, the more they can get to know you. Every site where you place information should be a part of an overall linking strategy that drives traffic to your mailing list.

The best way to create additional income from your books sales is in building a profitable relationship with members on your mailing list. I stress your list. If you change publishers or web hosting service, make sure that you have a copy of your mailing list.

Using Social Media Sites To Sell More Books

Facebook, Twitter, forums, Ning and other social networks are bridges that allow people to reach you and be a part of what you are doing. If you leave them half done or do nothing to them at all, you may be missing opportunities.

View these as roadsigns that you need to point people, the media and book buyers towards your website and where they can purchase your books. A website that people can't find is a lot of wasted effort.

Connect With Buyers Using Social Networking

Don't go hog wild sending out product offers without building a rapport with the sites members.

A new member to one of the communities I frequent, joined and sent a about a dozen spammy product offers that same day. The community moderator posted a sharp demand for her to curtail the behavior or risk being banned from the site on her profile.

Let this be a warning to authors that want to sell books. Complete a profile and make it a point to regularly join in the discussions and post helpful tips on your profile. Encourage members you meet, to sign-up for your newsletter where your messages can influence and convert your subscribers into buyers.

How To Win Friends and Influence People On The Internet

Identify like-minded people who are involved in similar activities, offer to share resources with them if you have something they might like or find useful.

Make sure your email signature, links back to your website.

Ask members and influencers in the groups you frequent for their opinion based on what you know about them. ("I'm heading out your way next week, any good barbecue spots in Houston?")

If you make a promise, keep it.

Post pictures from book events on your home page.

Send personal e-mails to the networking site's administrator, group moderators and your top commenter (Let them know how much you appreciate their time).

How To Boost Your Books Presence On Amazon

Once they've listed your book it's easy to get your book presented on the list frequently provided to Amazon customers when they search for their favorite books.

One of the keys to getting your book on the list, is to know what other popular books in your genre are being searched. Then you can add them to your listmania list, alongwith your book. Then every time one of the other books is searched for, there is a chance of having your list appear in the side panel too.

It Takes Team Work To Make The Dream Work

More importantly you need to network with other authors. As George C. Fraser the networking guru puts it his book "Click," "It takes team work to make the dream work." We all need to spend less time neck working, which what you're actually doing if you walk around collecting and passing out business cards. And more time harnessing the power of networking, that's based on building positive, powerful, profitable relationships with others.

To use the internet to sell more books you simply need to spread the love, by showing yourself as a friend. That will give people a positive reason to talk about you and send . One last thing, don't throw good money into projects gone bad. It's great to be creative and innovative, but smart marketing requires being resourceful.

About the author

EJ Jolivet reviews books and publishes articles on the latest fiction and non-fiction books about Houston, by Houston authors, and what Houston is reading.
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