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Helping Kids Deal With The Loss Of A Pet

Helping Kids Deal With The Loss Of A Pet

Dealing with the loss of a pet dog can be a long and hard process

, especially if the person was very close to their pet. Most of us have probably experienced the grief of losing a loved one, even if it was just a pet. Pet dogs have become a staple part of families and losing them can be devastating to many. Children are usually the ones that are most affected about the death of a pet, and parents find it hard to explain to them the situation. The following are a few help your child deal with the loss.

If the Dog is Sick or is dying of old age, inform them

Time will always get the better of everyone. When its time for our pets to go, kids need to be ready. Some illnesses, such as dm in dogs, are slowly progressing. This means that if the family decides to take care of the dog until the illness gets the better of it, parents can slowly explain the illness to their children and what they can expect in the next few months. However, for ethical reasons, most families would put the dog to sleep before the late stages of dm in dogs, but children usually say no to this. If this is the case, its best to explain to them how difficult it will be to see the dog suffer as the illness progresses.

Give your child some time to understand

Teaching kids about life and death is a very difficult task. Its awkward, but parents have to do it. The death of a pet is actually a good opportunity for parents to teach their kids about life. They need to explain to them the situation as simple and possible and give their kids time to understand whats going on. Answer their questions, show them that its not their fault why their pet died and that they did a good job of taking care of it.

Get Them a New Pet

Consider getting a new pet after a few months. Its not the same, but a new puppy or pet might just help them get over the one that passed away. They might feel sad at first, and might even reject their new pet. However, after some time, they will warm up to the new pet. Kids who have experienced the loss of a pet are usually more responsible and take care of pets better.

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