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Help! My Kid Is Lazy And I Don't Know What To Do

Help! My Kid Is Lazy And I Don't Know What To Do

Assuming there's no medical reason for a child to be sluggish

, why are some children just plain lazy? Or do we interpret them that way?

They sit around doing mundane activities

They have no interest or motivation

They become oblivious to the activity of others

Mundane activities such as passively watching TV or reading can, indeed, be educational and informative. Perhaps a child of this nature will grow to be a great researcher or famous author in their own right due to their constant absorption of material as a child.

What are they watching? What are they reading? As parents, we need to know these things so we can guide the child accordingly.

Intelligent children are often loners, keeping to themselves because the busyness of peers is non-sensible to them. The scholarly child has a thirst for knowledge, which spurs them to be independently creative instead of playing with friends.

Lack of motivation, however, may mean a child hasn't discovered his/her passion yet. Perhaps this type of child is an observer or deep thinker but nothing has yet spurred them on with excitement.

But, all of the above child characteristics can also mean the child is just plain lazy. Boredom creeps in and the child has no productive results from work accomplished.

It's time to get them up and moving.

Giving a child regular chores, with consequences if not done, usually works well. Children need to know what's expected of them. If a parent expects nothing, they get nothing in return. We are then putting our children at risk for future unemployment and failure.

A 6-year-old child is NOT too young to learn daily responsibility.

Take out the trash

Feed the pets

Put away the toys

Set the table

Responsibilities need to be consistent. Write them down where the child can be reminded until they become habit. If necessary, draw illustrations for emphasis when the child is young.

An adolescent needs advanced responsibilities. Again, these responsibilities need to be enforced until they become a habit and done without thought. An adolescent would much rather play wii with their friends than to make chores a priority. But parents need to make the rules for responsibility just as important as having a child do his or her homework.

If you encourage your child to participate in sports, there are rules of the game they need to understand and practice. So, too, with home life.

Each member of the family participates at home for the benefit of the whole. Lack of taking responsibility by children results in the whole family suffering.

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Help! My Kid Is Lazy And I Don't Know What To Do