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Headaches Caused by Dental Issues

Author: Erich Shrefler

Millions of people nationwide suffer from persistent, recurring headaches. They take over-the-counter and prescription medications, try alternative therapies, and essentially do everything they can to stop the pain. What many dont realize is that chronic headaches are caused by dental problems more often than people think. Two dental issues that can cause headaches are bruxism (teeth grinding/clenching) and a misaligned jaw, which causes temporomandibular joint disorder (TMD/TMJ). Bruxism (Grinding/Clenching) Many people grind or clench their teeth in their sleep without ever realizing they do it. Besides causing damage directly to the teeth, bruxism can also lead to recurring headaches. Bruxism is primarily caused by stress, but other issues such as malocclusion (misaligned bite) can also lead to nighttime grinding and clenching. Bruxism-related headaches occur because the muscles and nerves that move the jaw are strained, causing soreness in the affected area and constant pain signals to the brain. If you have persistent headaches, ask your spouse or partner if he or she hears you grinding your teeth at night. If you do not have a spouse or partner, ask a trusted friend to listen for the telltale sounds of bruxism. Your headaches may be the result of grinding/clenching your teeth while you sleep. If you believe this is the case, speak with a general, cosmetic, or neuromuscular dentist about mouth guards or medical procedures that can relieve your pain. TMD/TMJ (Temporomandibular Joint Disorder) Another cause of chronic headaches that is dental in origin is a misaligned jaw, which strains the temporomandibular joint (TMJ) that links the mandible (jaw) to the facial bones. When the teeth do not line up correctly, the strain on the TMJ displaces the joint, leading to a broad range of potential symptoms including persistent headaches. TMD pain can be alleviated with advanced neuromuscular dentistry techniques, or can be fixed through cosmetic dentistry or surgical options that realign the teeth and jaw correctly. The first step is determining if TMD is causing your constant headaches by scheduling a consultation with a neuromuscular or cosmetic dentist. Second, your dentist will educate you about the options available for treating TMD and will help you select which treatment strategy is right for you. It is important to choose a dentist that is qualified and trained in treating TMD to ensure you achieve the best results.About the Author:

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