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Halitosis Cure

Bad breath is also known as halitosis. It may be caused due to a variety of reasons. Before looking for halitosis cures, it is advisable to know the root cause of this condition. Having halitosis or bad breath can be hard to deal with. And often, there's a lot of humiliation related with this condition, as many individuals will either flinch or back off once they smell your repulsive breath. And so, you should look for an effective halitosis cure as soon as possible. Bad breath is something common to everyone at one point or another in their life, even those who brush and floss religiously. We all know that those who eat garlic will smell like it afterwards, but other times the realization that our breath is offensive comes on us unawares.

The best solution is natural cure for halitosis or bad breath. Natural cure for halitosis is home remedy for cure your halitosis and to solve to end the problem. Its more popular now because it has been proved by many people that home remedy can cure halitosis naturally to the end of problem with no dangerous side effect and stop for coming back to you. Bacteria in the mouth can degrade food residues between the teeth, in the gums, in the cheeks and in the tongue. If you clean your teeth regularly, you will likely, but not necessarily, remove one of these causes. By brushing you are simply rubbing the bacteria away, and you never get rid of them. In order to kill the bacteria you have to know what they are. Poor oral hygiene, which causes food particles trapped in the mouth, and bacteria will breeding there and produce gaseous, compounds that cause halitosis or bad breath.

Avoid having sugar based foods especially before going to bed. Include lots of greens in your diet. Liberal intake of juices of all fruits and vegetables is another way to fight halitosis. Apple cider vinegar is known to help with the digestive process as well as treat halitosis. It is typically used as a bad breath remedy as it works just like your stomach acid. Thus, it greatly helps with the digestion of food. Mouthwashes also help to freshen breath, but it is only temporary. Gargle the mouthwash in your mouth for roughly 30 seconds before proceeding to spit it out.

Dry mouth eliminates oxygen-carrying saliva, helping the bacteria to thrive. Post-nasal drip coats them with a protein-rich food source. Of course, high-protein foods, sugars and alcohols provide them with a growth medium, but high-acid foods like coffee also promote reproduction. Milk and dairy products will not be digested if you are lactose-intolerant, and so can also provide a long-lasting food source for the bacteria. Oranges and lemons (citrus fruits) are very good at stimulating saliva and help to suppress the activity of some odor-causing enzymes. Mixed half a lemon with warm water and then rinse your mouth using the mixture.

Halitosis has a number of natural remedies that seem to help. The majority of them involve the use of herbs and herbal mixtures. Some of these remedies are very old and are only known because they have been passed through the generations to others. Some of the herbal treatments will give you a quick freshener to your breath. Other herbs will help with providing longer lasting relief from the halitosis.

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