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Globus Tours and Globus Vacations by:Jennifer Bailey

Globus Tours and Globus Vacations by:Jennifer Bailey

When it comes to planning vacations and getaways

, Globus Tours is easily considered one of the best services in the world. Providing more than two hundred and fifty vacation options in seventy different countries, Globus offers a wide range of travel styles that customers can choose. Few companies provide the range of options that are available with any tour or vacation that is arranged through this company.

The history of Globus goes back to Switzerland in the late 1920's. The founder of the company, a young man named Antonio Mantegazza, caught the vision of wonder and awe that visitors to his country often expressed. After borrowing money to purchase a small rowboat, Mantegazza began to transport tourists across nearby Lake Lugano. As he rowed them across the lake, he would share information and local folklore about the area, much to the delight of his customers.

In a short period of time, Mantegazza expanded the business to include a fleet of rowboats. The rowboats were soon augmented with several motorboats that could accommodate even more passengers. For land travel, he established a tax service that proved to be helpful for locals as well as tourists to the area.

From these humble beginnings, Globus expanded to include operations in England, Belgium, the French Riviera, and Holland. By the dawn of the 21st century, the company offered tours and vacation packages all over Europe, Asia, North and South America, Australia, and Africa. Along with moving into more areas around the world, Globus also developed a series of travel packages with unique styles. The variety of locations and travel styles has helped to keep the company a unique commodity in the travel industry. Globus Tours and Globus Vacations by:Jennifer Bailey

One of the most popular travel styles offered by Globus is known as escorted travel. With this service, Globus provides tour directors who handle all the minor details of traveling, such as hotel accommodations, transportation issues, and even planning visits to local sites of interest. Within the general style of escorted travel, the customer can choose from excursions that are filled with many planned activities, or opt for something with a slower and more flexible pace.

Just about any type of tour or vacation can be planned using the resources available through Globus. Options include ocean and river cruises, independent travel packages that allow customers to go virtually anywhere they wish, faith based tours that include sites that are of interest to various faith traditions, and guided tours of countries and groups of countries. You can even book a simple vacation in one spot if that is your preference.

One of the advantages of using Globus for tour and vacation planning is the enormous amount of resources the agency brings to the table. Because of the worldwide presence of Globus, they can often command pricing from airlines, hotel chains, and resorts that simply cannot be obtained elsewhere. This means that the overall travel costs are much more likely to be affordable with Globus, even though the options are much broader than what other agencies can offer.

Customer care is considered a basic tenet and an essential component in the way Globus chooses to operate. At no point before or during a tour or vacation are clients left to fend for themselves. No matter what unexpected or expected events take place, Globus is there to assist in any way possible. This can be a comfort to travelers who find themselves in a culture they are not familiar with and have an unforeseen situation take place. The efficiency of Globus ensures that the matter will be handled quickly and with as little inconvenience to the client as possible. Globus Tours and Globus Vacations by:Jennifer Bailey

As with many companies, Globus has an online presence. However, they are not only found on their own site, but on other travel websites as well. Each site contains detailed information on each of the travel packages offered by the company, and several different tools that are very helpful before and during the vacation or tour. You can also find online resources to help in the planning and selection process. There is even a way to make contact with live Globus agents if the client prefers to ask questions or make arrangements with a person rather than online. Also, there are pages on which clients share their experiences with Globus and offer insights into how the various tour styles function. This is an excellent resource for someone who may have no idea what is involved with a European river cruise (for instance) and how Globus conducts this type of tour.

Globus Tours has the resources of a multinational corporation coupled with the accessibility and friendly nature of the local tour agency down the street. With an excellent reputation built on the basis of customer care and tour packages that are some of the most affordable of their kind, is it no wonder that Globus customers would not think of using any other travel service

About the author

Jennifer Bailey is a freelance writer who writes about vacation tips and world travel, often discussing a specific company such as Globus Tours.
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Globus Tours and Globus Vacations by:Jennifer Bailey