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General Water Treatment Faqs

General Water Treatment Faqs

When seeking out a residential water treatment company

, it's important to know the right questions to ask the professionals. Asking the right questions enables you, as the customer, to be in control and receive the information needed to make an informed decision.

Typical questions a consumer would want to ask a professional residential water treatment company are:

1.What's the difference between softening water and filtering water?

2.What should I consider before buying a water treatment solution
General Water Treatment Faqs

3.What question should I ask when I have decided on a solution?

4.What is a point-of-use (POU) and point-of-entry (POE)?

5.Are there financing options available at time of purchase?

A water professional will be able to answer specific questions, and provide or recommend the best possible solution for the residential space and the requirements. Typically, for residential water solutions, water softening or water filtering would be the options used. Whether or not a professional recommends a water softener or water filter for your residential space is dependent on the type of contaminates found in the water. The contaminants are either particles or dissolved minerals.

Once you, with the help of the water treatment professional, have chosen the appropriate residential water treatment solution, consideration needs to be made in regards to the purchase and installation process. Questions that should be considered may include:

*Is the installation included in the price?

*Does installation include such things as a bypass for lawn and garden faucets, a faucet for unsoftened water or other features?

*Does the unit have enough capacity to meet present and future needs?

*If you lease, is it imperative the agreement include an option-to-buy provision?

*Does the professional that's been selected have an established business in the immediate area?

*Does the professional have customer references available upon request?

*Will a representative visit your home to determine the right kind of equipment for the residential space?

*For all health related issues, has the water been analyzed by a reputable laboratory and/or local health department?

*Did the field representative answer all questions regarding design, function and cost of the equipment?

*Did the field representative explain the method and cost of regenerating the chosen system?

*Does the professional offer a maintenance contract or other after-sales services?

*Does proposed equipment carry a specific written warranty? Does the warranty make sense?

These questions, and others, should be incorporated into the informed discussion between the customer and the residential water treatment professional. By asking the appropriate questions, both customers and professionals will be satisfied with the end result.

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General Water Treatment Faqs