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Washington Redskins Tickets - Portis Jokes With Reporters Without A Word

Washington Redskins Tickets - Portis Jokes With Reporters Without A Word

During Week One of the 2010 NFL season, most football fans were focused on how their teams would fare in the opener

. As the dust settled from the first week, another story emerged: that of Mexican sportscaster Ines Sainz. Sainz was reportedly treated in a less-than-gentlemanly fashion in the New York Jets' locker room. She has received an apology from the Jets, but it has caused a stir in the league on whether or not female reporters should be in the locker room.

Many players have weighed in, including the Washington Redskins' outspoken running back Clinton Portis. According to, Portis said of the debacle, "I think you put women reporters in the locker room in position to see guys walking around naked, and you sit in the locker room with 53 guys, and all of the sudden you see a nice woman in the locker room. I think men are going to tend to turn and look and want to say something to that woman." He received some criticism for his remarks, so the next time he was with reporters, he decided to make sure he didn't say anything controversial.

He had defensive lineman Albert Haynesworth-athletic tape in hand-as his assistant. When reporters starting asking him about the comments, Portis showed them a notebook with "NO COMMENT" written on it. As he did, Haynesworth put a piece of tape over Portis' mouth. When the reporters continued to press, Portis revealed more written signs reading "THANKS FOR COMING," "GOD BLESS YOU" and "HAVE A GOOD DAY." Each new sign meant another piece of tape from Haynesworth.

Even though he may have drawn the attention of reporters, Portis wasn't the only player around the league to comment on the situation. Chicago Bears linebacker Lance Briggs also drew criticisms for his opinion that female reporters shouldn't be allowed in the locker room. Briggs' teammate, defensive tackle Tommie Harris, was of the opposite opinion, saying as long as a reporter does his or her job, gender doesn't matter. Washington Redskins Tickets - Portis Jokes With Reporters Without A Word

Haynesworth is likely happy that the focus is on Portis, albeit temporarily. Haynesworth hasn't been practicing or playing much with the team leading up to the 2010 season and had some much-publicized spats with head coach Mike Shanahan. Now, Haynesworth is dealing with a sprained ankle that could keep him out of upcoming games. It doesn't appear to be a serious sprain, but the Redskins are having him take it easy.

The Redskins turned heads during the opening game of 2010. They were up against the favored Dallas Cowboys and made a valiant defensive effort to win 13-7. The Cowboys were plagued by penalties, with 12 violations for 81 yards. One of the biggest penalties came on the last play, when Tony Romo hit Roy Williams for a game-winning touchdown, but a holding penalty meant the score didn't count. Portis led the team in rushing with 63 yards on 18 attempts while Chris Cooley led in receptions with six for 80 yards. If they continue in this fashion, Washington Redskins tickets will be popular this season.

by: Pat Smith
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Washington Redskins Tickets - Portis Jokes With Reporters Without A Word Jining