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Gain Strength And Face Your Fears In Life

Gain Strength And Face Your Fears In Life

The answer is in the question. Facing our fears means we must release them. You probably already know what you fear because of that insidious loop in your head constantly reminds you of it.

Have you ever faced a fear dead on and felt the tremendous rush when you realized you did it? It felt pretty good did it not?

Here is the straight skinny on facing our fears; we have to keep on doing it. Practice in this case truly does make perfect. Practice, by its very definition, means doing something over and over until you become adept at it. Practice facing your fears is the easy part, learning to release them is another.

How to Know You Have Not Released Your Fear

Your body tells you so. This would be that pit in your stomach or the exhaustion you feel.

You self medicate. It could be booze, food or other substances that give us a temporary fix.

You isolate your self. You choose to have less quality of life in order to avoid anything that triggers fear.

There are other ways but these are the most common and easy to identify. If you had an emotional reaction to any of these, it is ok at least you know you are on to something.

You were not meant to live in fear. Start today to empower your self by facing one fear and resolving to release it...forever.

Fear is the Friend You Fail to Take Advice From

What you fear is rooted in an experience

What you fear is a deep seated unresolved emotional issue

What you fear is no longer serving you in any way

What you fear is only as powerful as you allow it to be

Understanding that fear is just an emotion like any other can allow you to accept it and release it. The only thing you must do to release it is to be kind to your self as you accept what it is trying to tell you.

Sometimes all you really need to release a fear is facing it. However, for others it may require the help of a trusted and emotionally stable friend, family member or counselor.

The point is, the fear must be released and you are the only one who can do it. You can get help but no one can decide for you that you no longer need whatever the fear represents in your life but you.

Empower yourself and love your self enough to face fear and release it. You will become stronger and more confident with every fear you banish!

by: Michael C. Miller
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