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Fundraising For Avon Breast Cancer Walks

Author: Charles Myers

The new year is here and its time to start preparing to raise awareness and funds again for the Avon 2 day walks for breast cancer coming up in 2010. Over two days these walkers will journey thirty nine miles to raise awareness for breast cancer. In order to participate in these walks the proud men and women who participate must raise between $1800 to $2000. They are also required to pay a fee of $50-$100 at the time of registration.While this can be a challenge, most participants raise an average of $3000. How do they do it you may ask? They do it with a fundraiser. Fundraising can also be a fun way to meet people who are not only interested in helping you but it makes them feel they are making a difference also even if they cant walk in the event. By helping you raise awareness, they are helping others who have been affected by this deadly disease. Breast cancer awareness is a cause that touches most people and has been brought to the front with these walks sponsored by Avons walks for breast cancer. The money raised goes towards providing women and men breast cancer screening, treatment and support they need even if they dont have the ability to pay. This leading-edge research team across the country is powered by the funds raised by the participants that fuel their quest for a cure. Avon kicks off its first 2 day walk in Houston, Texas this year on April 10-11 2010. Do you need help on supplying your fundraisier? Click Here In order to have a successful fundraiser you need to have merchandise to help you raise enough profit for the cause to help you with your entry fee. The best way to accomplish your goal is to sell or ask for donations for your cause. People can donate to help you raise funds and you in turn can give them a gift as a thank you for their support. This will show their support for breast cancer awareness as well and make them proud to have contributed to a worthy cause. You will also need a prime location to be able to set up or get people to know where to find you. A lot of people dont realize that they can set up a table outside of Walmart or their local grocery store and sell merchandise to raise funds. Othergreat places to fundraise are: Sams Club, churches, flea markets, craft fairs, sporting events and school events. Just ask a manager for permission and youre ready to go. Are you ready to get started today and make a difference? Click HereAbout the Author:

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Fundraising For Avon Breast Cancer Walks