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3 Very Different Natural Cures For Cancer

Many people don't like the idea of chemotherapy and radiation even when told

it is the only treatment that will work; such was the case of Joel's mom. Her intuition that it would kill her was strong; she was not as strong as she was in her 50s.

Joel's mom had to find natural cures for cancer that wouldn't conflict with her beliefs. After praying, she was inspired to use Bible verses proclaiming she was healed as her natural cure for cancer.

She immersed herself into deep meditation about the healing Bible verses. At the same time she prayed that others would find their natural cures for cancer.

She was healed. Does that mean that God is her natural cure for cancer?

Here's another situation. A diagnosis of inoperable cancer drove Sally to search for natural cures for cancer. Without medical intervention, one is forced to look elsewhere for natural cures for cancer. Her friend takes a class on juicing and finds out about all the cancer fighting chemical constituents in deep red and blue and purple fruits and vegetables.

Sally decided to try incorporating generous serving sizes of these foods into her diet and adds the herb Cat's Claw to her daily protocols. In a few short months, the inoperable tumor in her lung shrinks down to a size small enough that it can be removed. Sally is healed. Does this mean that food could be a natural cure for cancer?

Here's a third case. A patient with healed breast cancer told her story to Rene Caisse, Head Nurse at the Sisters of Providence Hospital in Ontario, Canada. This patient had met with Ojibwa Indians that gave her an herbal formula that acted as her natural cure for cancer.

Rene spent the rest of her life validating the success of the herbal remedy as thousands of people flocked to get the pre-made formula from her. They were in search of natural cures for cancer. Does this mean that herbs cure cancer?

Natural cures for cancer take many forms. Spiritual healing worked with Joel's mom. Cancer-fighting foods and an herb along with medical treatment worked for Sally. Natural herbs in an old Indian remedy was the natural cure for cancer in the last case.

Natural cures for cancer come in many different forms. Often, they can be used for reducing the side effects of chemotherapy and radiation as well.

by: Dr. Donna Schwontkowski (ret. D.C.), M.S. Nutrition, M.H.
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