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Free Yourself From Dental Anxiety

When I feel anticipation my heart beats a little faster

, my hands become damp and my throat gets rather dry. I was describing these feelings to a friend.

They paused and replied with thoughtful insight. That sounds a lot like being nervous to me!"

A visit to the dentist also has two interpretations - to some it is nothing more trying than a routine by which to maintain dental hygiene, to others it is a nerve-wracking situation to be avoided at all costs.

If you are one of those people who dread any visit to the dentist, there are a few simple tricks to dealing with your anxiety.

1. Tell them that you are an anxious patient - an attempt to conceal your feelings will often make them more intense. Staff are usually very experienced in dealing with nervous patients and will be both sympathetic and eager to make the situation as pleasant as possible for you.

2. Nerves and anxiety are heightened when we continually run an image or scenario in our heads - doing something to break this state can help enormously. Moving locations, going for a walk or doing something you enjoy before heading for your appointment can all help lessen the dread.

3. Being outdoors tends to move people into the Beta brain wave state - a 'zone' which is naturally more relaxed than being indoors, staring at the walls and focusing on the dreaded appointment. So, if youre nervous, a walk around the block a few times beforehand can be hugely calming.

4. Touch your fourth (ring) finger to your thumb on both hands and breathe slowly and rhythmically. This is a breathing exercise that will help to calm your mind and ease your body.

5. Smile! It sounds strange, but sometimes looking up and smiling can help pull you out of an unpleasant emotional state - body language and posture play a decisive role in controlling how you feel.

6. Research your dentist carefully. Look at pictures of the surgery and treatment rooms. When you lack knowledge or visual data your subconscious mind will intervene and think of things that will increase your anxiety. As it is your, very personal fear, your imagination will be in a perfect position to think the worst. When you have definite knowledge (of the decor, of the staff uniform, of your dentist's face) you will be better prepared and in a good position to feel in control. This will aide you in dealing calmly with the situation.

If you follow these simple points you can help manage your anxiety a little better. Remember, no single technique is a guaranteed curative, but people who have become accomplished at managing their nervous state often use a range of these 'tricks' to to help keep calm.

by: Benjamin Cook
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Free Yourself From Dental Anxiety