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Fortaleza in Brazil is attracting many overseas property investors by:Marco Sangez

Fortaleza in Brazil is attracting many overseas property investors by:Marco Sangez

As one of Brazils wealthiest, most continuously developed and most attractive regions

, Fortaleza is quickly advancing as one of the countrys most attractive regions.

If you are just beginning to consider a Brazil property investment, youre probably wondering why so many people and specialist overseas property investment agencies are highlighting the benefits of a property purchase in this Northeast Brazilian city.

Well, there are a number of positive factors, including a strong economy and booming tourist industry.

The government in Brazil have recognised Fortalezas excellent potential and have invested large amounts of funds back into the state of Cear, of which Fortaleza is the capital city. Fortaleza in Brazil is attracting many overseas property investors by:Marco Sangez

Fortaleza is favored by locals to be more exciting and exotic than other popular cities like Rio de Janeiro and So Paulo, Fortaleza is a hotspot holiday location of a growing number of Brazilians as well as a secure prospect, especially for investors that are eager to make good financial returns.

Brazils StrongEconomy

Financial and economic analysis consider Brazil to be one of the top five economies in the world by 2050, Brazil already commands the tenth largest economy in the world.

What has caused Brazil to take such a commanding stance amongst the worlds leading economies?

Among other things, an efficient use and exploitation of Brazils natural resources like oil and ethanol that are found abundantly in Brazil. The ability to manufacture and export desirable goods such as these have allowed Brazil to assume a unique economic position that is largely independent of imported goods, and allowed it to remain strong despite the widespread economic turbulence in recent times.

Besides the strong and stable economy, the undeniable natural beauty of Brazil has always been something that is helping drive the real estate investment market in Fortaleza as a growing number of private investors whom are looking for a beautiful place to live or build a dream holiday home are attracted to the natural beauty of Fortaleza which has now emerged as a very popular destination of land for sale in Brazil and this fact is making investment property in Fortaleza a very popular prospect for a growing number of overseas investors. Home to amazing beaches and pristine rainforest habitats, the tourism industry in Fortaleza has emerged as one of the most successful in the world, with a predicted growth of some 25% forecast for the years ahead.

Driven by the overall growth in tourism in the region, Fortaleza property investment has increased as well, with an intense increase in the demand for holiday accommodation rental properties for people on vacation. And although developers are busy trying to keep up with the strong demand, there is still a lack of both in-hotel and stand alone units for rent. This makes Fortaleza especially attractive for investors seeking good financial returns combined with lifestyle and leisure enjoyment.

About the author

Luke has been working in the overseas property industry for the past 5 years and considers land for sale in Brazil one of the best opportunities on the planet today.
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