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For the Traveler's Consideration by:Ron and Jan Stager

For the Traveler's Consideration by:Ron and Jan Stager

Travel season is approaching, and there is more to preparation than buying tickets and reserving hotels

. Along with choosing the perfect destination, good luggage set can make a trip far more enjoyable. Put an end to suitcases that no longer zip correctly, carry-ons that don't quite fit in the storage area, and clothes that are wrinkled beyond hope from being stuffed into too tight pouches. You can make the packing (and repacking if you are traveling for extended periods) process easy by choosing the right luggage and luggage tags for your specific needs.

The Outside: Size, Color, and Flexibility

As you begin to browse luggage sets, your first consideration is how many suitcases and bags you need and in what sizes. Be sure to include at least one or two carry-on cases to make flying easier. Check airline websites and make sure your purchase is within the guidelines to avoid last minute checked bags. Keep in mind that almost every traveler comes home with more than they initially packed. Be sure you have plenty of space; stuffing in the last items is not worth the slightly smaller case. An assortment of smaller, soft bags can be helpful as well for day trips or holding items you will need throughout the day of travel.

In regards to color, there is a rainbow of colors and patterns available to choose from. The benefits of a traditional black suitcase are obvious, but keep in mind the moment you must claim your luggage at baggage claim. A different color can make spotting your items less of a chore. You may also attach bright ribbons or easily identifiable luggage tags to make your bags stand out.For the Traveler's Consideration by:Ron and Jan Stager

Today's updated sets offer outer shells of hard or soft sides or a combination. A hard suitcase offers the best protection and sturdiness, but is also the heaviest and does not bend or compress into a tight space. Soft luggage is lightweight and expandable making it a good carry-on or nice fit in small areas. However, your items are vulnerable to damage so keep in mind what you'll be packing inside. A combination piece has framed sides but expandable tops and bottoms, combining some of the benefits of the other styles.

Carrying Your Luggage: Wheels, Handles, and StrapsFor the Traveler's Consideration by:Ron and Jan Stager

The most recent luggage sets come with wheels and retractable handles for good reason. This can make your movement through the airport, or to and from your car, much easier. Look for strong, retractable wheels with ball bearings if possible so the wheels are not in the way when storing and less likely to be damaged. Be sure the handles are long enough so you are not forced to lean to the side and that they lock into place when retracted. Many sets today include the option of straps or hooks that make it simple to stack and attach your smaller bags to the largest suitcase. In seconds, your cumbersome three suitcases transform into one unit rolling almost effortlessly beside you.

Find the right luggage and allow yourself to focus on traveling and sightseeing instead of the hassles of old, ill-equipped luggage. The benefits will last for years.

About the author

Ron Stager is co-owner of RJS Gifts Enterprises, offers variety of products including unique gifts and home decor. RJS Gifts also carries a wide selection of high quality luggage. In order to provide the best products for his customers, Ron researches the best options for that product, whether it be a suitcase or myth and legend dcor. For more information visit at and
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