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For Reliability, Trust A Power Distribution Unit (pdu)

For Reliability, Trust A Power Distribution Unit (pdu)

A Power Distribution Unit (PDU) is a highly reliable

, multiple-outlet power strip often used in conjunction with an uninterruptible power supply (UPS). In a networking environment, where devices need to be continuously powered, many in use today are fitted with dual power inputs to reduce the risk of power failure.

There are three main types of power distribution units available to address these issues, each containing some of the same features.

Basic PDUs: A basic power distribution unit offers highly reliable power distribution to multiple pieces of equipment in networking applications requiring continuous power. This type of unit is significant in providing a sufficient number of outlets for the devices that are installed in a rack PDU.

Metered PDUs: A metered PDU offers the same benefits of a basic unit, but also informs the IT administrator when the current demands of connected equipment approach (or exceed) the total capacity of the unit before power failures occur.

Switched PDUs: A switched PDU offers the same benefits of both the basic and metered PDU, but its main benefit is that the equipment housed in a secure data center can be remotely rebooted, eliminating the need for IT administrators to travel to each site to manually repower equipment. Also, less critical equipment can be manually powered down during a prolonged power outage so the most critical servers and networking equipment will operate as long as possible.

These PDUs are commonly built for permanent placement inside rack PDUs, either in a vertical or horizontal format. Since a power distribution unit generally functions as the entry point for power into a rack, most offer a 10- to 15-foot input cord so they can be connected to a remote power source.

Since high reliability is critical, features found on standard power strips and surge suppressors are omitted to eliminate any possibility that the power strip could interrupt the flow of electricity to critical networking gear.

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