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Food And Phytonutrients, The Key To Surviving Cancer

People in the past have always eaten mostly raw

, natural and organic food which is an entirely different dietary concept than we have today. Most of the food we buy these days has been processed and in the course of processing many of the nutrients that keep us healthy, have been lost due to processing. One such nutrient is the phytonutrients, also called phytochemicals only recently discovered in the early 90s and found to be beneficial in keeping us both cancer free and even reversing cancer.

Once we thought that vitamins and minerals were all the nutrients necessary to keep us healthy but we now know there are other nutrients, essential for optimal health and they are phytonutrients. It is these powerful nutrients that give fruit and vegetables their many colors and also provide us with Mother Natures medicine.

These chemical compounds occur naturally in plants, their role is to protect them from diseases, injury and damage from insects. They form part of the plants immune system. Its these same phytonutrients that have been found to have cancer fighting properties which help us not only to stay cancer free but to help us overcome cancer as well.

The different color phytonutrients are;

* Red; tomatoes, red grapes, red onions, red apples, beetroot.

* Yellow Orange; apricots, peaches, sweet potatoes, melons, carrots, pumpkins citrus fruits.

* Green; cruciferous vegetables which are broccoli, spinach, cabbage.

* White; garlic, onions, leeks, potatoes.

* Blue Purple; blueberries, aubergines, boysenberries,

As you can see these phytonutrients are concentrations manly on the skin of fruit and vegetables and are responsible for the color, hue, scent and flavors. While there are many phytonutrients that have been identified, there are probably thousands more that remain to be discovered.

Clinical trials are now revealing that phytonutrients can enhance and strengthen the immune system and play an important role in keeping us cancer free. It has also revealed that phytonutrients can even slow the aging process, prevent and reverse conditions such as heart disease. Using food, especially vegetables to treat serious health challenges like cancer are a far smarter choice than using drugs.

Unfortunately we spend billions of dollars in treating cancer today yet we spend little promoting the consumption of apples, oranges, cruciferous vegetables and other healthy food that medicine well knows are helpful in preventing and overcoming diseases such as cancer. Thanks to our mainstream medicine today the public has remained virtually illiterate on nutrition for several decades.

The most powerful weapon when fighting cancer is the food you choose to eat everyday.

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