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Flying Babies - Strategies On Traveling With An Infant

Flying Babies - Strategies On Traveling With An Infant

Many mothers dread the thought of getting on an airplane with a baby or young child

. The responsibilities are seemingly endless, with passports for kids, nursing, changing diapers, and other motherly duties. Each minute a new challenge appears, and with the right amount of planning, you can have a nice, relaxed flight.

Preparation can ultimately make or break your flight experience, and there is no such thing as being to prepared. When your travel plans are formulated, and you've begun to shop for airline tickets, double check to see if your airline provides a free flight for your child. Most airlines allow a child under two years of age to sit on your lap but check just in case. If your airline doesn't provide this, you will need to use a carseat. Booking your significant other in a seat separate from you may prove to be useful, especially on long flights. This arrangement allows you and your loved one to switch off baby responsibilities, letting one rest. Check your airline's stroller policy. Most airlines now don't allow strollers to be stored in the overhead compartment, so they have to be stowed.
Flying Babies - Strategies On Traveling With An Infant

A few weeks in advance, make sure you know where your family's passports are. If you can't find them, get a USA passport application and reapply for a new one as soon as possible. Be sure you have a birth certificate to present at the airport as well. Planning ahead can help you reduce stress leading up to your flight time. You will need to get a new one if you've been recently married or divorced, as well as if you have had yours for over 10 years. A child passport is only valid for 5 years, so check each accordingly. Arrange to be picked up from the airport if you don't plan on getting a rental car, and make sure there is a seat for your baby.

So it's the big day. Pack a large purse, as opposed to a separate diaper bag, with a fresh diaper, baby food, bottle and formula, some toys to keep Baby occupied, some small snacks, and a baby blanket. If you need to nurse your baby on the plane, the baby blanket could provide a little privacy. Also, make sure you have a binkie for your baby because the descent can hurt their ears. As your boarding time approaches, change and feed Baby to reduce the chances of having to do it while in the air. If you need to change your baby during the flight, let a flight attendant know. Some planes have bigger bathrooms with bigger changing tables. A flight attendant can help you set up the bathroom and make it a little less challenging. After all, they are there to help you.

by: Ben Pate
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Flying Babies - Strategies On Traveling With An Infant