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Finding Over 50 Life Insurance At A Low Cost

Finding Over 50 Life Insurance At A Low Cost

When an older person, say over age 50 to age 75

, looks for term life insurance, they will have a different situation than when a younger person does it. Most of us realize that term policies are one way to get affordable rates for a larger face value. But we also know that those term rates will be a lot cheaper for a 25 year old than for a 55 year old.

When a thirty or forty year old looks for term, it is probably because they need a lot of coverage at a low price. In addition, they want that policy to last through the years when they are supporting children and paying off a home loan. Many younger people choose a thirty year term policy because it is still very cheap.

Hopefully, as we get older, some of our obligations are almost finished. Kids may have already finished school and have gone off on their own. If not, they should be closer to doing that. We may have paid down a home loan, and so we only have a few years left to pay on it. So we may not need a thirty year term policy, and it will be alright to take a cheaper 10 year policy.

It may be fine for a middle aged person to buy ten year term so the rates will be cheaper. But since it is hard to predict the future, it may be a good idea to find an insurer that will allow the policy to be converted to a permanent policy before the length of the policy has elapsed.

This option has worked out well for many people. The term premiums we pay to today will be cheaper. This is because it is term, and also because it is only for 10 years. But we will still be able to choose to extend coverage in the future if we need it.

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