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Finding A Competitive Taxi Insurance Quote

Finding A Competitive Taxi Insurance Quote

Many people look for the cheapest insurance they can find

, and all too often they get exactly what they paid for. Price cannot be the sole determining factor when trying to find taxi insurance. First and foremost, you must be sure that the type of insurance you are getting is the type of insurance you need. The law requires that you have sufficient coverage for any liabilities that you might be faced with when hiring out your taxi. Both public hire and private hire taxis must have insurance, but you should look for an insurance company that will provide you with a policy that is specially designed for your type of taxi service. When you are looking for a taxi insurance quote, it is imperative to understand that a competitive quote will not only be about the price.

Different insurance policies have different types and levels of coverage depending upon the type of work. Both private hire taxi and mini-cab policies are designed very specifically, so unless you are an expert at determining the necessities of taxi insurance, you are probably going to have to rely upon a solid company that can be the most competitive when concerning pricing and quality of coverage.

In your search for a taxi insurance quote, you should take the time to search the internet for insurance companies that specialize in taxi insurance. You can probably get an online quote, but if you don't like the impersonal aspect of doing things online, then you should be able to find a contact telephone number. Take the time to call and speak with one of their associates, ask specific questions and write down the responses given. You can use these questions and responses later when talking with other possible companies in order to do an accurate


When calling different companies for your taxi insurance quote, be sure to have some of the following pieces of information ready to give the companies if they request them:

If the vehicle is over 3 years old, have your MOT certificate handy

Your existing taxi insurance certificate, if you have one.

The specific details of the make and model of the car, including mileage

Your local authority driving license. If you have a fleet, then you may need the license information of all of your drivers.

Where the vehicle will be stored or kept. Will you allow your drivers to take the car home with them, or will the cars be stored in a garage?

If any of your drivers are convicted drivers, you should have all of the information on the convictions and any points the driver has against his or her license.

A history of vehicle insurance claims made by you or your company in the past few years, 5 years should be sufficient.

If you can provide all of this information to the prospective insurance company you should not have a problem in getting an accurate and timely insurance quote from any insurance provider.

by: Neil Anderson
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Finding A Competitive Taxi Insurance Quote