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Fear - The Impact And The Havoc It Causes In Our Life

Fear - The Impact And The Havoc It Causes In Our Life

A fear is a debilitating thing that robs our energy

, dreams, aspirations and opportunities to become successful. It is like a bouncing pad that flings us up and down from our comfort zone the moment we try to expand our possibilities of having a good life. As most people said, fear is indeed a horrible figment of our imagination just like dreams. It seems real, yet it is a completely fictional occurrences taking shape within the recesses of our mind. You must have seen in various movie channels, how the actors are afraid of tiny and baseless things.

Now there could be doubts in your mind whether fears can be overcome or not. But before you get the answer to the question, you need to realize that our fears are actually blessing in disguise. They not only help us to understand our tendencies and motives, but also assist us in discovering new paths and opportunities that will take and help us to achieve our goals and objectives.

So you may feel that if fear is a blessing, then why it becomes overwhelming and confronting. Basically it has to do with the simple lack of understanding. It is based on the concept that whatever we fail to understand, we also fail to acknowledge that and therefore fail to comprehend the damage and impact such behavior can have on our physical reality. Sometimes our fear can be in many instances very subtle in approach and also influence our lives. Also some fears we may mistake as minor inconveniences that we don't want to be part of while other fears can be a little more noticeable and may lead to long-term future consequences that we may never considered or imagined were possible.

How much this fear has an impact on us? What happens when we allow this fear to creep into our mind and life? Well the answer is simple. Fear can breed resistance. Your fear creates an imaginary magnetic pull that pulls you away from opportunities and takes you back to your comfort zone where you feel safe and survival is your primary concern. The thing is why fear is bad is that the moment you resist doing something because of irrational fear is the exact moment you are allowing opportunities to pass by you. Sometimes these opportunities may come in the form of objects, events, people, etc.

Also every time you give into fear, you breed the habit of insecurity which can really demoralize you and literally eat you alive from inside out. Insecurity is nothing but lack of confidence that one feels about oneself and one's abilities. Basically insecurity is in fact an indication of depression and it is triggered as a result of not being able to deal with our fears in rational and proactive ways. When you feel insecure your life comes to a halt and you begin to have doubts over the decisions that you make.

Sometimes fear can also lead to destructive behavior that can sabotage your life. It prevents you from moving forward in a proactive way. Destructive behavior can be such as laziness, doubting yourselves, procrastination, neglecting your responsibilities, etc. Just because we allow the destructive fear to dwell in our hearts, these behaviors become a part of our life. The only solution is to work your way to overcome your fears and you will find your destructive behaviors begin to decline.

What most of us need to realize is that overcoming fear is simple and easy. You need to take control of your life and have a positive attitude that fear can never harm or affect you. Fear is nothing but something that is created by your mind and projected when it feels that something may not be futile for you.

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Fear - The Impact And The Havoc It Causes In Our Life