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Extra Large Please - Uk's Spending On Takeaway Has Rocketed!

Extra Large Please - Uk's Spending On Takeaway Has Rocketed!

When the clocks go back and the nights get darker

, we head to work in the darkness and get home in darkness. It is cold and wet, the sofa looks so appealing and the kitchen looks dingy, not to mention the thought of pulling the hat and gloves on again and heading to the food shops.

A survey conducted by the UK's leading online takeaway portal, asked 3,015 people in the UK what they estimate they spend on takeaways a month and combined it with the data from their website. The results showed that on average each individual across the UK spends 550 pounds (sterling) a year on takeaway food, that's 45 pounds a month.

One in three people would rather stay in on the weekends with their friends and family, indulge in a takeaway and stay in their pajamas then get glammed-up and hit the town. The weather was a large influence in the decision, as 76 per cent said that the warmer months are more appealing for a homemade dinner in the garden, or the BBQ gets brought out.

When the summer comes, most of the UK deserts the homeland and heads off for sun and sea in hot countries, often spending 550 pounds (sterling) on a seven day break. Afterwards when the winter months start to fall on the kitchen calendar, out comes the laptop, with a quick and easy search the local restaurants are found and the order is made, costing around 550 pounds a year.

Research shows that once the clocks go back in October the increase in takeaway ordering more than doubles with a 104 per cent more sales. Women felt a 'cosy night in' with their boyfriends or a 'girl's night in' was much more satisfying than a night down the pub in the colder months.

As Christmas is close 38 per cent of women said they feel less guilty for eating a takeaway then they would in the summer months when a lighter dinner is more appealing. 89 per cent of those asked agreed that a takeaway on the weekends is something that they look forward to, and 61 per cent said that they often have a takeaway on both a Friday and Saturday night.

One person stated, 'I believe people would rather curl up with a curry or relax with a pizza than battle with Jamie or Delia on the weekend. People get great comfort from takeaway food in the winter, and there is always the bonus of no washing up!'

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