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Extensive Tenure Reliability Offered By Quantum Mrl5mqn01 Lto5 Cartridges

Extensive Tenure Reliability Offered By Quantum Mrl5mqn01 Lto5 Cartridges

Since the start of 21 century Information technology industry are countenance with

persistently increasing data quantities, tense finances, unnatural possessions and need for extensive term data protections. Storage concentrated associations can cost successfully prevail over the data growth confronts with LTO Linear Tape Open Ultrium based technology. It has been watchfully engineered to rise with enterprise requirements. LTO technology presents best reliable interoperability and trusted by the data managers of very busy database centers worldwide. Quantum as a premier partner of this LTO process and consortium has clearly well ahead with their outstanding, brilliance, terrific robustness and very spirited prices. Quantum LTO Ultrium cartridges brings most exceptional in class management, consistent data safety and extended term assets security.

Quantum MRL5MQN01, is new & 5th version of LTO generations which offer extremely consistent and cost effective data backup way out for modern days speedy swiftness businesses and challenging information technology environments. Quantum LTO5, with many basic improvements and also uses some new features which give benefit and reliability to data mangers throughout the world. Data storage capacity is raised in terrific Terabytes figures 1.5 Terabytes (native) and 3.0 Terabytes (compressed) with very fast data transfer speed of 140MB/Sec (native) and 280 MB/Sec (compressed), makes this is one of the icon products of data storage industry. And give unimagined benefits to data managers with lesser costs, space, and offer operations within lesser time with very effective performance.

Quantum LTO-5, tape is one of the best ever created LTO cartridge and also Quantum has made its involvement too in increasing the reliability and enhancing LTO5 tapes. Quantum LTO5 tape, is very well suitable for enterprises or companies those are looking for solution to save huge quantity of important and most valuable data on daily basis. LTO5 tape in the backup structure of any enterprise would make certain that the reserves on the number of tapes is condensed, one single tape would be capable to store data that is kept in two LTO4 tapes. The extra benefit of this tape is all the storage space that is not joined up due to lesser tapes. Another exclusive feature of Quantum LTO 5, a striking increase in the data storage capacity is due to new improved track compactness of the tape.

Quantum LTO 5 Tapes, also feature some more reliable tools like WORM, 256bit hardware based encryption, Memory chip with 8KB storage capacity, backward read and write compatibility, which give lots of protection to storage data and archived files for very extensive time of period. And help LTO5 tape, a better compatibility with LTO5 Ultrium drives or autoloaders, also can use this tape to secure most valuable and sensitive data without taking any additional security measures. All these payback attains from beginning to end LTO 5 makes it possible for business to cut down their extra expenses.

Quantum MR-L5MQN-01, offer choicer and improved services to the clients, and also developed well improved and compatible formation with LTO5 drive for better performance. Quantum has considered mutually half height & full height tape drives. Lesser energy consumed by these Ultrium LTO5 drives and autoloaders compare to any other available drives. This makes them more energy savers and efficient backup solution. Beginning of most recent leading SAS6 GB/Sec interface support the data managers to effortlessly slot in the quantum LTO 5 drive into their difficult data storage centers and composite server settings. Quantum MRL5MQN01 tape, is the first version of LTO tape in which a new inventive partitioning device has been set up with the help of this technology now user make two separate partitions on a lone LTO-5 cartridge, and customer able to archive and preserve their very important and valuable files or data through audio and video transmit functions. All brands of LTO5 tapes and Quantum MRL5MQN01 are available at with exceptional quality and best prices.

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Extensive Tenure Reliability Offered By Quantum Mrl5mqn01 Lto5 Cartridges