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Explore Nice In France - How Car Travel Makes For a Memorable Holiday by:Dennis Wilson

Explore Nice In France - How Car Travel Makes For a Memorable Holiday by:Dennis Wilson

A classic option to explore the celebrated cities of France such as Nice is through

car travel because the unbounded freedom that car travel offers is much needed for exploring Nice in France. Cruising through the south of France, there are museums, and restaurants to experience. Visiting these attractions is most convenient with a car because crowded public transport systems can be exasperating sometimes. As hiring a car in Nice from the airport is simple, one can sit back and drive through the divine country lands without a care in the world.

Nice offers a uniquely luxurious comfort along with other world famous tourist attractions which few other places can offer. The west side has small hills while the east extends to the Mediterranean Sea. Serene Vineyards, quiet villages and a savvy nightlife awaits you if you drive through the countryside.

Restaurants - The culinary delights that Nice offers is the cities chief attraction. The Cours Saleya market offers fine delicacies, while sipping the Provencal wine is another soothing experience. Overall, Cote d'Azur can be put as the gastronomic capital of France.

Beaches - Being along the coastline, Nice offers some really warm and relaxing beaches to its tourists lined with cosy seaside apartments and hotels.Explore Nice In France - How Car Travel Makes For a Memorable Holiday by:Dennis Wilson

Festivals - Each February sees a fresh influx of artists and performers for the Nice Festival beginning with Mardi Gras and ending with a Jazz gala.

With the many interesting places to visit and diverse cuisines to taste, Nice sums up perfectly the whole of France outside Paris (which has a different feel altogether).

Other French Attractions

Paris, known to many as the city of love, is also the fashion capital of the world. It offers something for everyone - huge mysterious museums for the intellectual, restaurants and cafes for the foodies, a romantic nightlife for the adventurous and much more. The Eiffel Tower, Notre-Dame Cathedral, and Louvre Museum are world heritage sites worth visiting. One can only do justice to Paris by travelling slowly and absorbing every single bit of the lovely city which can be done best by car. Apart from Paris, Cannes is another charming town known for its annual film gala and sandy beaches.

A majority of French attractions are littered across the vast pleasant country side with small hill passes, the Alps and Pyrenees Mountains. Hiring a car in Nice makes it easy to enjoy this precious experience at one's pace instead of hurrying through.

Tips for Hiring a Car

1. Choose a Car which can easily accommodate you and your family without being too big - traffic can be a major issue in some cities.

2. A GPS navigation system aids in travelling without getting lost in the dreamy country side and also helps in saving time.

3. Check with various number of Car hire companies for the different prices so that you do not end up with an expensive package.

Travelling to France has perhaps been on the wish lists of every travel-hungry person and you can make your trip even more memorable by travelling through the country in a car.

About the author

Dennis Wilson is an expert on car rentals for travelling in Nice and France. Click the link to know more about how you can easily hire a car from Nice Airport or hire a car from Carcassonne airport.
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Explore Nice In France - How Car Travel Makes For a Memorable Holiday by:Dennis Wilson