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Effect Of Living On Campus And Off Campus On Student Life

Effect Of Living On Campus And Off Campus On Student Life

Every college to which students enroll offers the opportunity to live on campus for everyone

. It is especially important for those students who come from other cities or states, or even countries as they have no place to live in the surroundings. However, even under the condition of free housing offered by the college, some students prefer to live off campus and rent an apartment nearby. There are different reasons for such a choice, and both variants conceal both advantages and drawbacks. They will be discussed in the present article.

Living Off Campus.

Living off campus offers a set of advantages, including independence of mature life in an apartment, privacy for studies and meetings with friends. In addition, living alone in an apartment away from parents cultivates the sense of responsibility in students who have to take care about themselves alone, to cook, to wash the linen and to buy food and all other necessary things. However, living off campus also has some drawbacks, including paying for the housing (which may be much more expensive than living in a college), lack of communication with friends and college acquaintances and complications in getting to college, which may also cost money.

Living On Campus.

The first and the most important advantage of living on campus is accessibility to school. Even consulting a group-mate regarding the homework or taking some materials may be easier on campus. In addition, living on campus is not costly; it is possible to eat there, so in general the price of housing is much lower as compared to living separately. Nonetheless, one should think about lack of privacy and low GPA in case of living on campus. Communication with friends, constant being in groups and lack of time alone are the certain disadvantages of this choice, so both priorities, values and wishes have to be taken into account when deciding.

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Effect Of Living On Campus And Off Campus On Student Life Washington