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Don't Wear Your Values On Your Sleeve - Wear Them On Your T-shirt!

Don't Wear Your Values On Your Sleeve - Wear Them On Your T-shirt!

T-shirts have been around for ages, but they have really come into their own these past few years

. There are even people now making five and six figure incomes, wearing t-shirts bearing advertisements in public places. The t-shirt is an actively passive form of advertising and might be considered the grandfather of viral advertising.

Consider this, a t-shirt draws immediate attention and is hard to ignore, unlike a billboard, which most drivers have already trained themselves not to notice in the interest of driving safely. If done properly, the slogan or logo on the t-shirt will be something that the viewer can't easily forget or disregard. I still remember a t-shirt that I saw my aunt's boyfriend wearing about thirty years ago, even though the message is now mostly irrelevant. At the same time, I was recently at the Grand Canyon and saw a gentleman wearing a t-shirt, advertising a hobby in which I am interested. We struck up a conversation and I was able to acquire some great tips and information from him.

These past couple of years, the United States took a hard liberal swing, mostly in response to the military conflicts we've incurred under the last presidency. As such, many conservatives feel that their voices haven't been heard. Recent elections are showing that the pendulum is starting to swing back in a conservative direction, and that is becoming more and more apparent in the increasing number of conservative t-shirts.

I see them everywhere; from t-shirts advertising the radio programs of conservative talk radio hosts, to t-shirts protesting the current presidential administrations liberal health care policies. The nice thing about a conservative t-shirt is that it the message will stick in the mind of those who see it regardless of what their personal views are, and once they see the message, it will stick with them forever.Don't Wear Your Values On Your Sleeve - Wear Them On Your T-shirt!

So be a part of the growing conservative momentum, or wear that wave with you wherever you go. While the opposition would like to find ways to silence the conservative voice, this is still a free country, governed by an inspired Constitution. Your t-shirt is covered by both freedom of speech and freedom of the press, so don't hesitate to remind people of the values upon which this country was based, which are still supported by an increasingly vocal majority of Americans. Show your love of country and of conservative values by wearing them on your shirt.

by: Art Gib
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