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Don't Let Sunlight Double Your Age

Don't Let Sunlight Double Your Age

Author: Violet Chai

Recently, scientists from Germany and Netherland have reached the conclusion after research. According to their report, to eat more tomatoes could help protect people from the harm brought by UV. In their report, it is said that if people eat 40 grams of tomatoes everyday, the risk of being burnt by sun could reduce to 40%; if 10 grams of olive oil are added, the effect could be more obvious. Scientists believe that tomatoes play a significant role in sun proof. Women need to pay the greatest attention to sun proof, because UV is the No.1 factor in accelerating aging. Here are more sun proof tips for you. You had better eat less light-sensitive vegetables. Youd better not eat light-sensitive vegetables like celery, cilantro, white radish etc. which make sensitive skin much easier to get freckles after exposed under the sun. In summer, it is better to have some vegetables and fruits which have the function of hindering the deposit of color elements and whitening the skins, such as, kiwi fruit, strawberry, orange, cabbage. Do not use hot water to wash face after the skins has been exposed in sunlight for quite a long time. You have worked outside for a long time and have exposed in the sunlight totally. When you come back, you want to wash your face and have a bath. The point is that dont use hot water to wash the face which is like being burnt by hot water. Only cold water may contract the poles and cool down the skins so as to get away the red face. But if you use hot water, all the skin poles would open, and capillary vessels may be filled with blood which causes large blood spots in the skins. You may wear colorful T-shirt to hinder sun light. The ability of anti-UV depends on the materials of the clothes, and the following factor is color. For example, the SPF of cotton clothes is about 15 to 40; the SPF of the polyester clothes in light color is about 7 to 10; the SPF of the knitting clothes in light color is about 4 to 9. A set of colorful garment made of cotton material could filter UV much better than white counterpart. Eyes also need to be protected from UV. As for eyes, the protection of them should be divided into two parts. One is eye skin, and the other one is the eyes themselves. Skin around eyes are pretty fragile, and sunlight will speed up its aging, bring a lot of problems like dark circles, eyebags, wrinkles and so on. Tomatoes may help to protect skins from sun. However, the problem could not be totally solved. Proper eyewear, like sunglasses or other eyeglasses should be needed to have an overall protection. Maybe you suffer from myopia or hyperopia, so it is not suitable to put on a pair of ordinary sunglasses. Therefore, special sunglasses have designed to solve the problemthe prescription sunglasses. Life is short, so take care yourself for people you love and people who love you.About the Author:

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