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Don't Be Afraid of Error Codes

Don't Be Afraid of Error Codes

Author: Carl Haugen

As you are working along in your Windows computer, you may suddenly have your tranquility interrupted when you get a bright blue screen with white lettering. The information given to you may be mostly nonsensical to a non-techie eye, but what you are seeing are error codes. Each of them has a meaning, and if you see them regularly, your computer needs to get help.

Why Just Numbers?

Error codes are generally enumerated messages that have a meaning to the developers of the programs. The numbers were originally used to make the system simpler. A number takes less space on your hard drive than the words to describe the code, and space was once at a high premium. Despite space being less of a concern in today's computing world, the error messages still are often just numbers, and the average user doesn't have a lot of hope to finding out exactly what they mean or how to solve the problem they represent.Don't Be Afraid of Error Codes

The Windows Registry

Your computer is a complicated system. There are lots of places where something can go wrong. One of the most vital pieces of your system is the registry. The registry is a hierarchical database at the heart of Windows. Its task is to keep track of everything you have installed on the computer. The registry has information on all of your programs: what settings you want to use with them and what files are associated with them. It's also a very complex database, and because of its size and complexity it tends to accumulate errors. As a result, a lot of the error codes you will see pop up on your computer are caused by problems in your registry.

When you aren't certain how to proceed to fix your errors, try cleaning the registry. The odds are in your favor of finding and repairing whatever is wrong with your system by getting the registry back into shape. To clean it, you will need to find a good registry cleaner. These cleaners hunt down and fix mistakes in the registry that lead to the errors you are seeing in your programs.

Know What You Are Buying in a Registry Cleaner

Finding a good registry cleaner takes a little research. Always check out the company that created the software, because some scammers pretend that their software is registry cleaners or security programs to get you to install them. Check out the company with a consumer protection agency, like the Better Business Bureau, to make certain the outfit is legitimate.

Also, make sure you download their software directly from their site and not a third-party website that may have added an unwanted virus to the installer. Some registry cleaners will guarantee more than just a registry clean. You might be able to find one that will deal with other problems as well. Read what the company offers and make sure you know what to expect from the program. Error codes don't have to be frightening if you know what steps to take to get a solution, and the first step is to start by cleaning the registry.About the Author:

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