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Does Resveratrol Help Reduce Prostate Cancer Risk? by:Matthew Lenard

Significant among the many health benefits that Resveratrol offers

, is the reduced risk of prostate cancer. Some experts may disagree, but the good news is that there is considerable scientific evidence available to substantiate the direct link between Resveratrol intake and reduced risk of prostate cancer. In recent times, various reports have been published in leading health magazines about the positive role played by Resveratrol in reducing risks associated with the onset of prostate cancer.

If you do not know much about Resveratrol, it would be better to start with the basics. Resveratrol has been identified as a protective element found naturally in certain plants, their fruits, stalks and vines. In these plants, Resveratrol acts as a shield and provides protection against diseases and infections caused by bacteria, funguses and other harmful pathogens. The grape plant has been identified as having the highest Resveratrol content. The overall content is however more in red wine in comparison to that found in grape juice. That's because the fermentation process dramatically increase the overall Resveratrol content. White wine, in comparison, has only limited Resveratrol content since the outer skin of grapes is removed before starting the fermentation process for making white wine.

So, are we recommending red wine for reducing prostate cancer risks? Yes, we certainly are, but if for any reasons you may not be able to include red wine in your diet or if you need Resveratrol in higher doses, we would recommend that you go for Resveratrol food supplements. Here, it is necessary that you go for brands that offer "enteric coating". This coating is a synthetic substance that protects Resveratrol molecules from stomach acids. Naturally occurring acids and other elements in the stomach react with Resveratrol molecules, depriving them of their medicinal properties. Hence the need for Resveratrol food supplements with enteric coating.

With proven anti-ageing properties, reduced risk of heart ailments, increased metabolic rate, better blood sugar regulation and augmented protection against various types of cancers including prostate cancer, you will realize that it's better to pay a few more dollars than to settle for something that's completely ineffective. It's a topic of debate whether the pricing is justified but would you want to take a risk with your health? A few may have benefitted from low-cost supplements due to placebo effect, but if you do not wish to compromise with quality and effectiveness, go for Resveratrol food supplements that come with enteric coating.

We would further recommend that you go for Resveratrol food supplements that pack in other vitamins and minerals as well, along with the regulated daily dose of Resveratrol. This is true, especially if you are above 50, an age group that is considered as more prone to prostate cancer risks. For max benefits, you need to make certain lifestyle changes such as regular exercise, including more portions of fruits and vegetables in your meals, and avoiding junk food. When you do so, you will soon experience increased vigor and vitality and most importantly, the assurance that you may never have to deal with painful conditions like prostate cancer.

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Matthew Lenard has written many articles on Resveratrol and it's benefits.
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Does Resveratrol Help Reduce Prostate Cancer Risk? by:Matthew Lenard