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Do You Need Dental Bridges?

If you are facing a situation where you have a missing tooth or a gap between teeth

, then it can be fixed with the help of dental bridges. Bridges are a set of false teeth or a single false tooth that is placed in the gap to make your smile look perfect. These dental bridges are mostly permanently placed and cannot be removed like dentures.

The most commonly used materials for a set of dental bridges are porcelain, metal, porcelain with metal support, acrylic, or even fiber. Some of these dental bridges are temporary and can be removed after a period of time. They can cover the entire area inside your mouth or at times cover only a specific area of your teeth.

The process

When you first visit your dentist, he will examine your teeth to find out its current condition and determines what type of bridges will be suitable for you. He will also inspect the condition of your gums to determine if you would be requiring any other treatment before the bridges are prepared. In case of broken teeth, the dentist will first restore and repair them so that these teeth can support the bridge. He will proceed to take an impression of this complete set of healthy teeth which will be sent to the laboratory to prepare the dental bridges. The experts at the laboratory prepare a set of bridges that are an exact replica of this model so that it fits into your mouth perfectly. Your dentist will also ensure that they fit you well, or else you will have problem while chewing your food and that will result in health problems.


Dental bridges offer a natural yet flawless look to your teeth. It can also be fixed in two to three sessions with your dentist and ensures that it is not a lengthy and arduous task for you. With correct dental care and oral hygiene dental bridges are known to last for ten years or even more. A professionally done job can ensure that your overall appearance will be improved and give you reasons to smile more frequently.

However you must also keep in mind that you should choose a reputed dental clinic to get your dental bridges done. You can check for more details over the internet about the services offered and also the dentists associated with the clinic. This will ensure that you have a set of bridges done which will last long and also make you feel comfortable. For more information visit us at

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Do You Need Dental Bridges?