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Do Children Need Pocket Money

Do Children Need Pocket Money

Youngsters are dependable on their parents who always have myriad issues coming up every other minute

. They demand for numerous objects of their interest and get them one day or the other. Children are young minds who dont have any idea about the way work goes on in the real world. For them their parents are the best and the ones who can fulfill all their needs and desires. In todays date, expenses are getting sky-rocketing which makes it quite difficult for parents to manage their homes. Along with all the hassles of family life they also need to take care of their childrens pocket money too.

Children are immature and giving them pocket money will raise problems not just for the parents but also for the children as well. As amateurs in life they need to be constantly guided to move in the right direction. On the other hand, giving a monthly allowance to manage their petty expenses is not a bad idea either. There are sufficient reasons to justify it and vice-versa. There is no problem in giving children a monthly remuneration to manage their expenses wisely. This wisdom is the crucial point which always hits in the back of every parent.

Young juveniles are very restless, cannot handle themselves properly and need constant help of an elder, but the same juveniles learn a lot from everyday experiences which make them understand the importance of making right decisions and at the right point of time. Pocket money is a crucial factor in every second home where they get it; the reason is not money. However, it is their ability to make the right decisions. Wisdom, a pivotal factor which has been mentioned above is of vital importance to everyone. Young children are not used to having remuneration for their everyday expenses and this makes it even more worrisome for the parents. In other words parents do not want them to squander the money they receive because parents understand the value of money and how much value it holds in every familys life.

There are numerous advantages to giving the younger ones a small sum of money. Firstly, they will learn to become independent and spending money will make them realize the importance of money which parents always fail to achieve. Secondly, they will get disciplined and start saving in order to meet their monthly expenses and keep a tab on their expenditures. Thirdly, it will make them feel closer to the family as children will be receiving a part of the family income as well.Do Children Need Pocket Money

This kind of thinking exists in most places; still there are exceptions where parents feel negative about providing them with a small sum of money too. They are perturbed about children taking them for granted and regard parents to be frivolous. It may create differences between siblings leading to frequent disputes and unhealthy competition between each other.

Parents also fear they may loose control of them which may lead to serious consequences. To remove all such thoughts, parents should start by first putting their trust in them. Secondly, mutual understanding and speaking the truth should come next in order to guide children on the right path and lastly, parents should adopt measures as the situation arises to counter it effectively by applying a logical and analytical approach. With all the tools in hand and used accurately chances of derailing from the track will remain minimal.

by: manishpaull
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