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Dining and Shopping in Fiji by:Paul Wilson

Dining and Shopping in Fiji by:Paul Wilson

When taking your next Fiji Holiday there are many Things To Do In Fiji

. Below is a list of useful tips on what you can do when holidaying in Fiji;


Local cooking is Fijian and Indian. International food is also available. Table service is normal, although some places offer buffet-style food at lunchtime. Only licensed restaurants, clubs and hotel bars can serve alcohol.

- The legal drinking age is 18.
Dining and Shopping in Fiji by:Paul Wilson

- Tipping is unnecessary or only small amounts for special services.

National specialties

- Kakoda (a marinated local fish steamed in coconut cream and lime).

- Rourou (a taro leaf dish).

- Kassaua (tapioca, often boiled, baked or grated and cooked in coconut cream with sugar and mashed bananas).

- Duruka (an unusual asparagus-like vegetable in season during April and May).

- Lovo (feast of meat, fish, vegetables and fruit cooked in covered pits).

National drinks

- Kava (traditionally prepared by virgins, who chewed the root of the pepper plant into a soft pulpy mass before adding water).

- Carlton (a local beer brewed in Suva).

- Fiji Bitter (brewed in Lautoka).

- Meridan Moselle and Suvanna Moselle (local wines).

- Booth's Gin, Bounty Fiji Golden Rum, Cossack Vodka and Old Club Whisky (produced by South Pacific Distilleries).


Major Hotels and resorts offer live bands, dancing and Fiji entertainment the biggest range of evening entertainment is in Suva - Victoria Parade is lined with restaurants, nightclubs and bars. Movie theatres are found throughout the islands and show both English-language and Bollywood films.


Favourite buys are filigree jewellery, woodcarvings (such as kava bowls), polished coconut shells, woven work (such as mats, coasters, hats, fans and trays), tapa cloth and pearls. Bargaining is not the norm in shops. Some shopkeepers will give a discount with large purchases. Duty-free items are available and include electrical goods, pewter, crystal and porcelain.

- Mon-Fri 08:00am-5:00pm, Sat 08:00am-1:00pm

- Many places close for lunch 1:00pm-2:00pm

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Dining and Shopping in Fiji by:Paul Wilson