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Critical Illness Insurance: If you can't afford a long term care policy, this may be a good alternative

Critical Illness Insurance: If you can't afford a long term care policy, this may be a good alternative

Are you familiar with critical illness insurance

? Some people aren't. It doesn't get as much attention as disability insurance or long term care coverage. But if you face a serious health threat, a critical illness policy can help to ease a financial burden.

A tax-free lump sum at a crucial time. That is what critical illness insurance provides. If you have a life-threatening illness severe enough to prevent you from working, the money from a critical illness policy can be used to pay medical bills and even some costs not covered by medical insurance. While the insurance premiums are not tax-deductible, the insurance proceeds come to you tax-free.1

A few years ago, a Harvard University study determined that about half of all personal bankruptcies in the U.S. happened as a result of the debts incurred by a critical illness.2 Imagine having $50,000, $100,000, even $500,000 in tax-free cash to help you out in the event of a heart attack, a stroke or cancer. That is the kind of coverage we're talking about. In 2007, the average payout was $100,000 with the average recipient being just under 50 years old.3

What illnesses does a policy cover? Critical illness insurance can cover two dozen or more health circumstances. Nearly all policies cover most forms of cancer, heart attacks and strokes, renal failure, multiple sclerosis, and operations such as heart bypass surgery and major organ transplants. The tax-free lump sum comes to you within 30 days of a diagnosis of a life-threatening disease.4Critical Illness Insurance: If you can't afford a long term care policy, this may be a good alternative

Critical illness insurance doesn't cover everything. For example, early-stage prostate cancer and less lethal forms of skin cancer aren't usually covered. Some policies don't provide coverage if you have lymphoma, or Kaposi's sarcoma related to HIV. If you have already beat back a serious health threat or if cancer or heart disease runs in your family, then you are undoubtedly going to have to pay more for this coverage and a disease you fought into remission may be excluded from the policy.

Who buys this coverage? Well, it is often sold in tandem with life insurance but not always. There are a few different scenarios in which critical illness insurance can be a great help:

You have a major medical problem and you don't have health insurance.

You have health insurance, but it won't pick up the cost of the treatments you need.

You face a major health scare, and you are unable to pay your bills and your mortgage because you can't work.

You worry about winding up in a nursing home or an assisted-living facility someday, but you can't afford to pay high premiums for long term care insurance.

Sometimes you can guarantee the premiums on a critical illness policy so they won't rise with time.

You don't have to be employed to collect the benefits from a critical illness policy. You don't have to be disabled to collect the benefits either. You don't even have to spend the lump sum on medical expenses you can spend it as you wish.5

Critical illness insurance has been around since 1983 it was first offered in South Africa, became popular in Canada and Europe, and has become an option more people are exploring in the U.S. A 2010 study from the nonprofit American Association for Critical Illness Insurance found that 89% of those opting for the coverage were under age 45.6

If you're self-employed, in a high-risk line of work, or just want to have little more protection in case a serious illness strikes, take a look at critical illness insurance. Ask your insurance agent to show you some options. You might be very thankful for it someday.

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Critical Illness Insurance: If you can't afford a long term care policy, this may be a good alternative

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