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Could You Use A Low Cost Portable Office? by:Rudy Silva

Could You Use A Low Cost Portable Office? by:Rudy Silva

One of the many uses of a shipping container is converting it into a portable office

. Originally, the shipping containers are designed and used for safe transportation of merchandises from one area to another, whether local or international. The material used is especially chosen to withstand any extreme weather conditions. They are also expected to last for a long time.

However, despite its durability and strength, shipping lines make it a rule to discard any containers after using them for 10 to 20 years. In a close inspection, most of these containers can still render service for another 20 years or more. Instead, of destroying them or abandoning them in junkyards, some brilliant minds knew better than that.

Today, in some countries in Europe, UK and Canada, and North America, there are villages established using containers as the main materials for providing shelter accommodation.

Joined together side by side, from bottom to top, and from one end to another, the containers can make 2 or 3 stories with different rooms and amenities including kitchen and toilet and bathroom.

Many people, especially those who cannot afford to live in a regular apartment or home, benefit from portable residence or homes.

In some universities and high school campuses in Austria, the shipping containers are used to construct campus residence for students. It has reception, mess hall, toilet and bathroom, study rooms, and more. At times, even in the United States of America, the container vans are used for classroom extension with toilet.

Haiti is among the nations that saw the advantages of these container vans, which are converted into relief homes. The organizers are finding ways to make the residence permanent for dwellers. They wish that every family who was a victim of the earthquake would have its own permanent dwelling area. The villages where the containers are installed even have garden for the residents.

Businessmen also take advantage of these shipping containers. They use them to construct their portable offices. There are also amenities included such as toilet and pantry. It is even possible to install air-conditioner in the office. Of course, it has sockets and lighting systems. The offices can be varied, depending on the nature of the business or office.

There are medical doctors who hold their clinic in a container. There are also lawyers, consultants, psychiatrists, engineers and architects. The good thing about the containers is affordability. Compared to the cost in constructing a concrete or wooden building for an office, the containers are way cheaper.

You are also helping in saving the earth by continually using the containers, than in breaking it down to recycle. The energy used is less as well.

The primary purpose of containers is for safe storage. Hence, some business enterprises that deal on frozen food products take advantage of such feature by converting them into freezers. They store livestock and poultry meat, as well as fish and other frozen merchandise. A portable office can also be installed and uninstalled easily.

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