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Could the summer of 2010 be a repeat of the 1969 "Summer of Hate"?

Could the summer of 2010 be a repeat of the 1969 "Summer of Hate"?

Could the summer of 2010 be a repeat of the 1969 "Summer of Hate"


The 1968 Summer of Hate, as one commentator mentioned encompasses one commonality of events after another perpetuated by America's opposition to racial equality. Clearly when we think of the assassination of John and Robert Kennedy, the assassination of Civil Rights Leader and activist, Martin Luther King and Malcolm X, when we think of the water-hose sprayings of African Americans by police, the disparity in the reporting of the news apposed to whites in regards to blacks that exist even today, and the election of 1968 onward until the present events, exposes America's blatant disregard, contempt and lack of compassion for the black man, who did not have the option of choosing to come to American like many others in her past or present. Why so much hate for the black race, I wonder? Can anybody tell me? Even before the genocide, poverty, lack of self-alliance, there was this hate at the core belly in America and other parts of the world as it still is today, for the black man, who has a good strong presence, a good mind, and of course the power of melanin in the skin to over power all races of people. Could that be it?

It was apparent that the Delegates attending the 1968 Democratic National Convention in Chicago deemed in bitter states and grew divided over the war in Vietnam and in respects to other Vietnam War issues. The issues as well as the divisions led to victory in 1964 as the opposition parties seem to self-destruct in light of the watchful eyes of prime time television audiences, causing America to finally take an unpleasant, but real look at herself. How could we possibility continue to look down on the Gestapo tactics, the Nazis, Communist and any other inhumane events when we could not look at ourselves in the mirror in our treatment of blacks. Television provided that mirror and the Internet (U-Tube) provides allot of it today. Look at the controversy over the current president's appearance of a cold greeting received in Russia, when no one would shake this black man who holds the highest office in our country's hand or was this merely an opportunity to make a certain position seem that way, only because it is apparent that this president is being watched like no other, just because he is indeed a black man.

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Could the summer of 2010 be a repeat of the 1969 "Summer of Hate"?