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Colon Cancer Survival Rate By Stage

Author: Ursula G-K

Some people however who are already in higher cancer stages may actually still have some reason to be hopeful. Colon Cancer Survival Rate By Stage The right treatment is really the key to a good colon cancer prognosis. Stages Colon cancer prognosis is often dependent on the stage in which the patient is in. Untreated and advanced cancer may lead to only a 20% chance of surviving for five years after diagnosis. Some however may actually have a 90% chance of surviving after diagnosis if the cancer is treated early. This is only quite natural. The worse one's condition and spread of cancer cells are, the least likely will treatment be effective and encompassing. Given below are the different stages of colon cancer and possible survival chances. Stage 0 Others also know this stage as the initial stage. At this point, the cancer cells may restrict themselves to the rectum lining. Some cells may also already be found in the first part lining of the colon. One of the most common ways to treat this stage is through a surgical method. Some patients may actually need no other treatment than surgery. People who are at this stage have the highest rate of survival. Stage 1 At this stage, the cancer cells may already be found deeper in the colon. There is however no movement or metastasis to other external tissues and organs. The cancer cells are therefore still restricted within the colon. Those who are at this stage may have to undergo a procedure known as resection. They may not yet be required to undergo other supplementary cancer treatments and procedures. Survival rate is still good at this stage. Stage 2">Lung Cancer Secrets Revealed Click here Stage 2 is when other tissues other than those found in the colon are affected. This may already be some sort of a close call for some patients because of the movement of cancer cells. There is still great reason to be hopeful though since the cells have not yet moved into the lymph system which is a crucial system through which cancer cells metastasize. Surgery may still be a preferred mode of treatment. Depending on the patient's condition and risk factor as determined by a specialist doctor, other common cancer treatments may be employed simultaneously. These involve radiation therapy and chemotherapy. Stage 3 This is already considered an advanced stage since the lymphatic system is already affected by cancer cells. All three common cancer treatment options may be used to fight the spread of the cells. Patients at this stage have a lower colon cancer prognosis than those in stages 1 and 2. Stage 4 This is the final and most severe stage. The condition can no longer be removed completely despite treatment. Cancerous cells may have already spread through the lymphatic system to other organs in the body such as the lungs and liver. Of course, treatment will still be employed but patients may only have a survival rate of around 20%. The stage that the cancer has reached will ultimately have an influence on any colon cancer prognosis. Since the cancer can be arrested at its early stages, it is important to seek to prevent the condition. Those who are at risk of colon cancer and those who are 50 years old and above should always have scheduled screenings.">lung cancer treatment breakthroughs Click hereAbout the Author:">

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