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Clairvoyancy & Telepathy

Clairvoyancy & Telepathy

Clairvoyance is the ability to see the unseen and precognition is an awareness of the future

. The correct reading of a horoscope and the lines of the palm, and the accurate phone psychic reader is due to one or both of the aforementioned skills.

A clairvoyant gaining a mental flash from a client has been in the past called mental telepathy, this was then shortened to telepathy.

During a phone psychic reading the reader links into the energy field or aura of the client, they then act as a mirror of the client, picking up on the specific areas of concern and often using different advise methods such as tarot and runes, and in addition, importantly, linking into spirit.

Telepathy is defined as the transmission of thought independently of the recognised channels of normal senses.

Telepathic tests have run through the ages with some being highly convincing due to the demonstration of truth under scientific conditions.

Many sceptics were invited to try out and telepathy and then develop their aptitude, keeping on until their ability became phenomenal, such test came under the header of mentalism.

There are many tests of ESP and telepathy, one of the most popular is visualised diagrams. 2 or more people can take this test and it involves, one person the sender drawing a simply diagram or sketch, the receiver stationed out of the line of sight then attempts to re-produce it while both concentrate on the diagram. The same type of experiment can be done using a pack of cards, but due to the nature of the face cards in the 1930s a set of cards were made for the purposes of ESP tests.

There are 5 different symbols, circle, plus, star, square, and wavy lines, again the sender would concentrate on 1 card and the receiver would try and tap into their thoughts to note down the correct card.

Two person tests are often more interesting whether clairvoyance of telepathy are used. There are theories that clairvoyance being the basic skill, telepathy may be the booster that can increase positive results.

You are involving yourself with telepathy anytime you have a phone psychic reading, and you are therefore also part of the psychic experience obtained.

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