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Child Support Help For Single Mothers

Child Support Help For Single Mothers

Child Support can be an emotional topic for mothers

. Taking care of their children is at the top priority at any parent's list. But when it comes to single moms, their lives usually always revolve around those of their kids. In such situations, not being able to take care of your children might be heart breaking and depressing for single parents.

Many mothers don't file for Child support because they don't know how to, or because they might just be afraid of their children being taken away. But what they don't know is that that there is a world of resources out there just waiting for them.

Instead of seeking child support from your child's father directly, it is advisable that you do so through court. Not only does that make the father keep the payment amount consistent, but the court can also force him to fulfill his obligation if he slacks behind for some reason.

Going through court means that you will have to retain an attorney. But it also means that the process will be much quicker and more transparent. Child Support Help For Single Mothers

Going through an agency is also an option. It costs nothing, but can take a lot longer. Also, agencies cannot force your ex if his payments fall behind. If child support is paid through courts, a person's income tax refunds can be seized to contribute to the arrearage. The court guarantees that your child gets what he deserves.

But the economic times are tough. Sometimes, both parents are experiencing financial difficulties that may result in a downward modification of the payments. This is one of the scariest challenges for single moms everywhere.

Not being able to work and a decrease in child support payments means that you will have to find other ways of making ends meet. Sometimes state agencies are the only option. However, you also have other options, and those are:

Aid to Family's with Dependent Children (AFDC)

This is a federally funded program to assist parents with children less than 18 years of age. The children should be living in your home and you should comply with the program's financial requirements. There is a five year limit to the assistance you can get. So, you can only stay of AFDC's payroll for five years. The payments are calculated based on the amount of income already coming into your household.

Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT) Scheme:

This is like food coupons, but better! An EBT card is like a credit card that accrues grocery money into your account. So when you go grocery shopping, you can pay with an EBT card then enter your PIN and pick up your groceries. The amount of money sent to your account, however, depends on how much you qualify for.

Hud HousingChild Support Help For Single Mothers

Low income housing can also help you save hundreds by limiting your mortgage payments. Hud housing assists individuals with low income rental or to purchase housing in your own local communities. Visit them at to see if you can qualify.

There are many other places that can help you shoulder your burdens of raising a full family. Try YMCA, Chamber of Commerce and Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) for more solutions.

As mothers, we spend most of our time feeling guilty. And in circumstances like these, the guilt of not being able to give our children everything they need becomes paramount. But don't stress too much and just hang in there. Kids are amazing creatures, and if you love them enough, they will turn out just fine in any case.

by: Cary Bergeron
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Child Support Help For Single Mothers