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Chicago's Enigmatic Theatre Scene

Chicago's Enigmatic Theatre Scene

Author: Adam Singleton

There's a reason that both stage and film versions of the musical Chicago are so popular - they paint the city of jazz in an unforgettable way that makes almost anybody want to visit. But why choose Chicago as the setting for this tale of murder and stardom? It's based on a true story that took place in the city, and forms part of the reason Chicago is so noted for its theatrical world. However, the majority of Chicago's history as a performer's paradise is due to the fact that another classic story, the rags-to-riches tale of poverty stricken performer hits the big time, was one that often genuinely occurred within the city walls. Chicago is the birthplace of many of America's top international theatre institutions, institutions that were barely held together before they visited the iconic city. That's part of the reason that Chicago is the city to visit for theatre lovers. With over 200 individual organisations, from huge Broadway-style venues to tiny independent art houses, Chicago really has everything a theatre fan could wish for. Even better, as Chicago is known for being the home place of many fresh, up and coming playwrights, there's always the chance to see the next big production being performed just before it hits the big time and enjoying the chance to be one of the few people who saw it "before it got famous". A wacky, colourful and wild town, Chicago in the daytime can be every bit as dramatic as it is at night. Locals are all too familiar with the city's popular art scene and will be happy to recommend their favourite performances of the moment, meaning you won't have to worry about putting a foot wrong. And if you'd like to try your own hand at writing for the theatre, Chicago is the place to learn. Constantly thrumming with new ideas, you can head to a writing workshop tailored to writing for the theatre and learn all about how to construct stories and weave together plot, character and tension - and music, if you so wish. There's no doubt that Chicago is enthusiastic about its theatre scene, and as the city's history in performances goes back year upon year, it's hard not to see why. With plenty of chances to enjoy a fabulous dinner, awe-inspiring theatrical performances and then to hit the bar before heading back for a good night's sleep at Chicago hotels, it won't be long before you fall in love with this city as much as its residents have.About the Author:

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