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Channeling Spirit - Allow Their Voice To Speak Through You And Guide Your Life

Channeling Spirit - Allow Their Voice To Speak Through You And Guide Your Life

When we allow Spirit to speak through us we have the grace of their words in our lives

. Their direct communication with us brings healing energies, clear guidance and support too.

If you want to channel Spirit, you don't have to be able to hear them directly. You can use other techniques such as writing or drawing to get their messages. This article brings you one way of channeling - a simple question and answer technique that aims to put you in touch with Spirit so that you can draw on their guidance whenever you need it!

Make sure before you begin that you have a pen and paper close by and are in a quiet space where you wont be disturbed for 20-30 minutes.

Beginning with the short meditation below, you should allow the mind to clear and calm before beginning your communication. This allows Spirit the space to move into your channels and energetically bring the vibration they need to 'speak' to you. What this means is that they will open up your energy channels for you and bring forth the words they would like you to hear now - these are always the words that you need most and which will bring the best pathways to walk.Channeling Spirit - Allow Their Voice To Speak Through You And Guide Your Life

Remember that sometimes Spirit is seeing far into the distance, however, by bringing you information about what will happen there they are resting your mind in the knowledge that things are changing, growing and expanding so that you can prepare yourself for what is to come - often this is a subconscious preparation. When they show us our future, they do so with the knowledge that our psyche will start to prepare for that future. If the future seems to be something dark or not at all what you want, ask what they suggest you do to change this. It is important that you remember you have a voice and if you are shown something that doesn't look nice or pleasant, they are doing this so that you can have a chance to re-think your current focus in life and where it might be leading you.

Spirit will only ever show you something 'dark' so that it can be changed. Remember that your future is not set, whatever you are shown here is important however, because it is going to help you create the future anew.

They will sometimes also remind you that you can achieve much more than you are now by showing you grand images of yourself, or they may also want you to bring calm to life and show you that things are a bit scattered right now.

Whatever message you receive, it is brought to you in the way that you can hear it now. If it feels a bit forceful or angry they may be showing you something about yourself. They may need to push the message through a few layers of energy in order to get it up to your conscious mind! However, remember that if your intention is to speak to a Spirit Guide or Angel then the good energy they bring will be present. You may wish to ask for some protection before you start and you can do so as follows:

Take your piece of paper and pen and write the words:

"Thank you for this channeling experience. I know that my good guides and angels are here by my side and will show me the most important information I need now."

Next take a few minutes to write down any questions you have and then write "thank you for your answers underneath." (You can do this after the meditation if you wish)

Then spend some time in this meditation exercise. This simply aims to clear the mind of anything that may be standing in the way of the Angels energy speaking to you:

Sit quietly in a chair or lie down, take in a few deep breaths just feeling your chest rise and fall. Spend a few minutes focusing the mind by watching the body breathe - feel the air moving in and out through your nostrils. Or lay your hands on your stomach and feel it rise and fall.

Do this until you feel your body has relaxed enough for you to hold a pen in a loose grip and you have let go of much of the day to day chatter in your mind.

Then, take in a deep breath, pick up your pen in a loose grip and either ask that they bring you messages through writing. Simply allow the pen to pen move across the page. It's unlikely that you will hear full sentences or even anything that makes sense in the first few attempts! So just go with whatever jumps into your mind.

You can also ask them to bring messages through sounds, words, colours, thoughts that pop up before you. You will need to write these down, as they will often make sense on completion of the session rather than as individual signs.

If there is nothing coming to mind, this too might be a message to just clear your mind space even further. You might like to try again tomorrow or go back to the meditation. It may also simple mean that the answer to your question is not yet ready to be heart. Try another question if this is the case.

Also remember that whilst it's unlikely your mind will be completely silent of day to day chatter, you should still be able to find 'foreign' images, thoughts of words popping up! If not, there can be a deeper reason you are not getting any messages. Listen closely as you might be telling yourself that you can't do this, or be distracted with another thought - just write down whatever is there, even if it is the words that you can't do this, and let it out of your head space. It is an important part of the process to see such thoughts! If your self-talk is saying no or is preoccupied, you might like to ask Spirit to help you with this in your next set of questions.

Remember that if you are trying to communicate with spirit in this way it can take some time to clear the mental space you need to hear them. Our communicative channels tend to be blocked with clutter from our particular ways of living. So, it's a good idea to practice meditation or relaxation exercises regularly.

Be a little persistent too. It's a good idea to do this exercise once a week in the beginning so you form a pattern of communication, though you can do it more if you want to. All in all remember that you are learning a new skill, so be patient!

by: Monique Williams
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Channeling Spirit - Allow Their Voice To Speak Through You And Guide Your Life