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Chac Mool Beach, Cancun by:Rosa Carvajal

Chac Mool Beach, Cancun by:Rosa Carvajal

Playa Chac Mool is located 10 km in the Hotel Zone

. The word Chac Mool is the name given to the Mayan sculpture of a Mayan god reclined with knees bended and a pot over his belly. I'm not sure why this beach is called Chac Mool, but if I had to guess I'd say it's because the beauty of this place is such that it could've only been created by a mythical figure.

This beach is well-known for the stunning vibrant colors of its waters. Although at first the water seems shallow do not let your guard down. In fact, one can walk up to 14 meters in the shallow waters when you are suddenly and unexpectedly faced with a huge rocky drop off. It is important to verify the tide conditions because at times it can get rough and the currents strong. This beach, nevertheless, provides an excellent area for water sports such as sail-boating, water skiing, and parasailing.

Playa Chac Mool is situated right in front of the Hotel Sierra and Hyatt Cancun Caribe, which are two prestigious hotels. While enjoying an afternoon stroll at this particular location, I couldn't help but admire the wonderful shadow that is casted on the beach due to the immenseness of the hotels. I can't complain, for it so happens that I hadn't brought my umbrella and the shadow therefore was a perfect shield from the warm sun.

However, despite the hotels, there is a considerable wide strip of beach. Which, depending on your preference, you can enjoy alone during the off-season, or enjoy it with plenty of company during the peak season.

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Chac Mool Beach, Cancun by:Rosa Carvajal