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CDC Uncovers The Chief Reason For Cancer & Heart Disease by:Denis Van Loan B.S.,D.D.S.,

The CDC reveals the relationship of toxic chemicals to heart disease

, cancer and arthritis. The underlying cause of disease is inflammation. It is produced by toxic or foreign substance in your body. Nutritional deficiencies are significant but even more important are these toxic substances.

According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), 80,000 toxic chemicals find exposure to you. All these chemicals can cause disruption of mitochondrial DNA through the process of inflammation. The homeostasis or balance of your body chemistry is disrupted.

There are many toxic substances but here are some common ones: herbicides, pesticides (4 billion lbs. in the USA each year), mercury, cadmium, aluminum, lead, solvents, asbestos, preservatives, trans fats, prescription drugs, cleaning agents, inhaled smoke and auto exhausts, cosmetics, ammonia, artificial food products and numerous biochemical pollutants.

These products cause chronic inflammation and sometimes genetic aberrations that produce cancer and other degenerative diseases. They change the genetic code passed on in the DNA.

All chronic diseases find a co-relationship with inflammation, except a few gene defective ones. Free radical damage is oxidative damage through loose electrons that besiege cells and damage the cell nucleus. This can change the DNA.

The chronic diseases most people are familiar with are cancer, arthritis, heart disease, fibromyalgia, diabetes, Alzheimer's and Parkinson's.

"We know that most degenerative diseases are limited to free radical damage."... James Balch, M.D. In 1954 Dr. Denham Harmon said this: "A single common process, modifiable by genetic and environmental factors, was responsible for ageing and death of all living things." This is truer today because of the increased assaults on your body and its genetic code.

Oxidative damage is caused by loose electrons that bombard the nucleus of the cells. Disease is then produced by inflammation and damaged DNA; sickness follows.

A proliferation of toxic chemicals and substances that attack the mitochondria and the DNA of every cell in your body alters the genetic code so that aging and pre-mature death results. Cancer is an extreme example of this.

If you study a microscopic slide of cancer cells you see bizarre, inconsistent, irregular, out of control, tumor cells. Most of the time, they are so changed in their appearance they are nearly unrecognizable from the original, normal cell. The DNA is changed by the oxidative effect of free radicals.

"Carcinogen" is commonly associated with cancer. What this means is certain substances, chemicals can cause alteration of healthy cells which then turn into cancer cells. In layman terms, the mitochondria and genetic code of the cells get "screwed up". This spawns a misfit, rogue cancer cell.

If enough of these cancer cells proliferate and multiply, tumors develop. (anti-oxidants are helpful in preventing this by neutralizing the free radicals)

There is a limit to what the body can handle in detrimental foreign substances. On a daily basis your body takes in toxins in the form of air, water, food and absorbable foreign substances. The liver, kidneys, sweat glands and lungs have to eliminate them.

Your body does handle toxins each day, eliminating chemicals and foreign substances, especially through the liver and kidneys. Unfortunately our modern environment sometimes overwhelms your body with huge amounts of a substance or substances that are carcinogeniccancer causing.

Prevention is the key to health. This means reducing exposure to impure water and air. Do not allow toxic chemicals to be inhaled or come in contact with your skin. Toxins and foreign substances tend to have a cumulative effect, compounding the relentless oxidative effect.

Diet is a huge factor that makes or breaks your health. Reduction or elimination of packaged and prepared foods, excessive sugar, fried foods and artificial (foreign substances) help prevent disease by reducing the free radical load.

Antioxidants are of enormous benefit. Carotenoids from fresh, raw vegetables that have color are strong in anti-oxidants. Vitamins A, C, and E are excellent anti-oxidants. Perhaps one of the best antioxidants is reported by Dr. Sinatra, M.D.

Cardiologist and alternatives advocate, Dr. Stephen Sinatra reports on an interview with Dr. Bharat Aggarwal, a world authority on curcumin. Dr. Aggarwal says curcumin, when compared to other antioxidants, is perhaps the most potent anti-inflammatory agent.

Dr. Aggarwal's scientific team reports curcumin suppresses the activation, signaling and expression of TNF (tumor necrosing factor) and NF-kB (a protein that influences cell proliferation and metastasis). This means it inhibits cancer cells and puts the brakes on tumors, infections and autoimmune diseases. In two words it "strengthens immunity". It reduces inflammation and pain in the process.

Animal studies demonstrate curcumin has an inhibitory effect on most types of cancer and has no toxic side effects. In a number of studies, daily large quantitiesup to 15 grams per human individual did not shown toxic effects. Cancer studies show inhibiting effects with massive doses of 8 grams per day. You should be under supervision of a doctor who can monitor you if you choose to use large doses. There is no magic cure all for disease and many factors determine you health; however strengthened immunity and reduced inflammation are huge factors you can control.

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CDC Uncovers The Chief Reason For Cancer & Heart Disease by:Denis Van Loan B.S.,D.D.S., Spalding