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$2.5 Million Settlement After Doctors Delay Diagnosis Of Patient's Prostate Cancer

When multiple physicians become involved in the treatment of a patient can be very important for them to relay critical diagnostic and recommended follow-up and treatment recommendation to the patient and to the other physicians. The importance of such communication is not negated simply because the patient does no return to one of the physician. A failure to do so may lead to an undiagnosed or untreated disease or condition. And it may...more

$2.5 Million Claim For Colon Cancer Death Of 27 Year Old After Physician Dismissed Her Complaints

Less than 1% people diagnosed with colon cancer are under the age of thirty-five. But, given the fact that colon cancer can kill physicians usually acknowledge that the presence of rectal bleeding, even in an individual below 35, should be investigated by a colonoscopy so as to verify the source of the bleeding Just assuming that the blood is caused by hemorrhoids falls below the standard of care.Consider what occurred in a documented claim...more

$12,000,000 Jury Verdict For Patient After Physicians Misdiagnosed Her Breast Cancer

One of the principal tools available to assist doctors in saving the lives of female patients is the mammogram, a test that checks for evidence of possible cancer in the breast, letting doctors to find the cancer in its early stages. Still, the mammogram is only as reliable as the physician who interprets it. In the event that the doctor misreads the mammogram the cancer can be undetected until a subsequent mammogram or until a lump is found during a breast examination. While in this time, the cancer may become advanced. By reaching an advanced stage, the woman has a lowered five year survival rate. Consequently the likelihood of her passing away of the cancer increase considerably.Look into the published lawsuit of a woman who had a routine mammogram and was told that there was no indication of cancer. Roughly 2 years afterward, the patient underwent another mammogram. This time the mammogram was interpreted as displaying no change to the dilated duct from the earlier mammogram. But, the prior mammogram was free of a dilated duct and hence the physicians did nothing to explore the suspicious change from the earlier, clean, mammogram. Her mammogram was misinterpreted and her cancer...more

$1.25 Million Settlement In Lawsuit Alleging Doctor Missed Patient's Indications Of Colon Cancer

There are times when colon cancers bleed. In certain cases, the blood might be visible in the stool. When the cancer is near the rectum, the blood may even surface as bright red. Regardless of whether the blood cannot be seen, it may nonetheless be possible to determine that the patient is bleeding in other ways. For example, the loss of blood may...more

$1.25 Million Settlement In Case Alleging Physician Did Nott Follow Up On Colon Cancer Indications

There are times when colon cancers bleed. In certain cases, the blood might show up in the stool. IN those circumstances in which the cancer is near the rectum, the blood could even appear as bright red. Regardless of whether the blood cannot be seen, it might nevertheless be possible to find out that the patient is bleeding in other ways. For...more

$1.25 Million Settlement In Case Alleging Doctor Overlooked Indications Of Colon Cancer

In a number of cases colon cancers bleed. Occasionally, the blood may show up in the stool. In cases where the cancer is in the vicinity of the rectum, the blood may even surface as bright red. Regardless of whether the blood is not visible, the bleeding might be detectible in other ways. For instance, the loss of blood may show up as anemia. Blood tests may show internal loss of blood that may be the result of a tumor in the colon. The main blood test results to evaluate include the hemoglobin, hematocrit, and Mean Corpuscular Volume (MCV) levels. Low levels might signal blood loss and iron deficiency anemia. Any time someone has levels that are below normal levels for these tests doctors normally concur that there should be additional testing to discover the explanation for the blood loss, like the prospect of cancer of the colon.Look at the case of a sixty four year old male patient whose blood tests exhibited all of the above. The subsequent year, the patients blood work found a deterioration of the patients problem. Also, a guaiac test revealed that there was blood in the patient's stool. Without any more testing, the person's physician wrote a diagnosis of...more

$1.0 M Settlement Over Delayed Detection Of Prostate Cancer

Prostate cancer is a frightening disease. Even though not perfect there are diagnostic tests that assist doctors to establish whether a patient has the cancer. But as a consequence of the chance of false negatives (a negative test result although the...more

Cancer A Cellular Wildfire

Multiplications can be fatalMachines becoming self-conscious, multiplying beyond human control, and eventually declaring war against humanity is a popular theme for science fiction stories and films. Human population multiplying at an unsustainable...more

Side Effects Of Cervical Cancer Vaccine

Author: Ursa A.I am a pharmacist and get this question quite a bit. Side Effects Of Cervical Cancer Vaccine So here is the scoop...   It was really made to be the cervical cancer vaccine because 99% of cervical cancer is linked to HPV.    The...more

Fundraising For Avon Breast Cancer Walks

Author: Charles MyersThe new year is here and it’s time to start preparing to raise awareness and funds again for the Avon 2 day walks for breast cancer coming up in 2010. Over two days these walkers will journey thirty nine miles to raise...more

Invasive Cervical Cancer Symptoms

Author: Una PecattiIs this song permanently lodged in your brain? Do the words "Tell Someone" have new meaning? You have pharmaceutical company Merck to thank. Invasive Cervical Cancer SymptomsThese slogans are from its commercials aiming to raise...more

Cervical Cancer Symptoms Bleeding

Author: Una PecattiThese types of cancers can only affect women as a result of their biological conditioning and make-up. Cervical Cancer Symptoms BleedingSome cancers affect women and men equally but others are specifically unique in women. The...more
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