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Cervical Cancer Symptoms Mayo

Author: Una Pecatti

This makes regular health checks all the more important and a Pap smear test on an annual basis essential for all women. Cervical Cancer Symptoms MayoSafety first is an excellent motto. And another of the nasty aspects of cancer is that symptoms for other problems such as ovulation or pre-menstrual pains are common for many women. These pains may mask the symptoms of cervical cancer. But while there may not be obvious symptoms, there are signs which suggest the disease is present. These signs include one or more of the following: Heavy or light vaginal bleeding during the month is a possible symptom of cervical cancer Pelvic pain which is not a part of the normal menstrual cycle pain. The pain can range from short, sharp suffering to a prolonged dull ache. The suffering can range in intensity from mild to severe. Pain when urinating. This in patients often means the cancer has spread to the bladder hence the distress when urinating. Abnormal vaginal discharge which take the form of a watery substance, mucus, which may be thick and/or smell foul. The type of discharge can vary widely because every woman and every cervical cancer is different.">Lung Cancer Secrets Revealed Click here Bleeding at times in-between regular menstrual bleeding. This may occur after sexual intercourse, from douching or from a pelvic examination. A cervix which has cancer will be irritated by certain things such as those mentioned and will often bleed as a consequence of this activity. It is important that any of the above symptoms are also found with other problems and do not mean that the woman concerned does in fact have cervical cancer. However, the point cannot be made strongly enough that there is a vital need to see a doctor as soon as possible should these symptoms appear. It is not unusual for a woman to experience a change in color of her urine, to find herself seriously fatigued seemingly without reason and to experience pain after sexual intercourse. While such symptoms are common for those diagnosed with cervical cancer, it is possible these symptoms are the result of non-cancerous problems. Many women will talk about 'knowing their bodies'. They believe they have an innate sense of when something is wrong. Some women diagnosed with cervical cancer believe they felt something was wrong even before they were given the medical diagnosis. So it is true there are many symptoms suggesting a woman has cervical cancer. But unfortunately it is possible to contract the disease and not have any obvious symptoms at all for some time. The best advice is to report to your doctor as soon as possible any abnormal pain, discharge or bleeding and to have a Pap test on a regular basis.">lung cancer treatment breakthroughs Click hereAbout the Author:">

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