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Breast Reduction: The Most Common Techniques Involved

Breast reduction is a type of plastic surgery that is performed to reduce the size

of the breasts for women who have developed discomfort in their backs or muscles due to the heavy nature of their chest. It can also be undertaken if one breast is not the same size as the other.

The pedicle method is a breast reduction technique that is most commonly used. In this case the appearance of the bosom is reduced, as is the contour and the volume of such. At the same time the surgeon makes sure that the function of the mammary glands remains intact and that the nipples continue to have natural sensations. This method is called such because of the location of both the nerve supply and the blood. It has nothing to do with where the incisions are made.

The pedicle method is a blanket term for a variety of methods. What separates each is the type of scar pattern they result in. The types of procedures that fall under the pedicle category include McKissock, Lejour, Anchor method, T-Scar, T-Incision, Short scar, Inverted T pattern, Lollipop, Vertical, VOQ, Wise Method, Keyhole, Circumareolar, Donut, Regnought and Robertson.

The pedicle techniques for breast reduction vary based on the manner in which both the blood as well as the nerves is maintained from select areas of the chest. There is the inferior pedicle which maintains both from the bottom area of the bosom. The superior reduction on the other hand works from the top while the central pedicle works from the center.

The lateral way of operating maintains from the side of the breast while the bi-pedicle has to do with both the locations unique to the inferior and the superior areas.

Not all reduction surgical procedures are conducted the same way. Some need to be modified based on the needs of the patient. In some cases more than one method within the pedicle way must be used. Three variations of incision patterns include the Anchor incision of pedicle breast reduction, the Lejour pattern of incision and the Stevens laser bra.

The free nipple graft (FNG) is another kind of surgical operation of this type that is sometimes used but not as often as the aforementioned pedicle technique. In this case the nipple is removed from the body and then grafted in the new location it will be placed in as a skin graft. The blood supply used derives from the deep dermis in the same way that all skin grafts do, as opposed to the blood supply from the chest being used.

by: Abigail Aaronson
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