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Breast Reconstruction: How Plastic Surgery Can Help After The Surgery

Breast reconstruction is a miracle for women who've had a mastectomy

. We all believe that breast cancer means the end of your chest, but you can have breasts again just like you did before. With reconstruction, you can change the shape or make alterations to suit your needs and wishes.

A reconstructed breast may not be perfect. When you get it, you'll feel that you've got your chest back, but over time you may realize that it's far from perfect. Because of this, plastic surgery offers lots of great options for fixing reconstructed breasts. This way, you can customize your new chest, and get it looking natural.

Readjusting the nipple

There can be a number of nipple problems following reconstruction. The most common problems are that the areola might appear slightly odd. This is a tough part for the doctor to get just right, and the original reconstruction may miss the mark slightly. It may also be placed in a position that's slightly high or low.

This often becomes a big problem because it doesn't match with the other nipple. When you look at your breasts in the mirror, it may seem like they're looking in other directions! But, it's no joking matter. A skilled plastic surgeon can readjust the nipple for you into a position that is more natural.

Size or shape changes

Lots of options are offered for changing the shape or size of your reconstructed breasts. Implants are commonly used to restore size, while regular reduction techniques can be used to make them smaller.

TRAM flaps and muscle flaps are often used for augmentation, as a more natural alternative to implants. These are techniques that take tissue from other parts of the body and move them to the breasts.

TRAM flaps use tissue from the abdomen that is simply adjusted to the chest area. Muscle flaps use muscle tissue from any part of the body, but most commonly the back and sides. Implants and flaps are suitable for different situations, and each has its own advantages and disadvantages, so talk to your doctor about these options.

Getting the perfect match

The main problem faced after breast reconstruction is that there is some asymmetry between your natural and reconstructed breasts. If there is any noticeable difference, you should get surgery to balance them out.

Often, it is easier for the doctor to work on the natural rather than reconstructed one. The reconstruction work may be sensitive and not quite healed yet. Let the doctor have a look and make an informed assessment. They'll use their expertise to help decide which option is best for you.

Plastic surgery after breast reconstruction is a great way to even things out. Like any surgery, it carries some risk of complications, but the benefits far outweigh the risks. Talk to a certified plastic surgeon today about what surgery can do for you.

by: Abigail Aaronson
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Breast Reconstruction: How Plastic Surgery Can Help After The Surgery Washington