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Breast Cancer And Screening Awareness

There is a tool available today to help identify the conditions and diseases that

could be going on inside you, without symptoms and seemingly harmless. If your a woman that has concerns about breast cancer, this technology is for you. It could quite literally save your breasts, and your life.

When the normal function of your body goes dysfunctional, your body will try to heal itself through natural processes. If these processes fail, this is when symptoms develop and at which point most of us realize we need help. Especially when the symptoms affect our lives or even threaten them. The key is to get a heads-up when your body is going through some abnormal changes years before any discernible symptoms develop, thereby avoiding any potential danger.

Unfortunately, the conventional medicine community is keeps holding on to old ideas of cancer detection and treatment, not matter the proven ineffectiveness. Breast detection methods used by mainstream medicine include mammography, ultrasound, magnetic resonance imaging, and PET scans. Awareness and education of a better, less risky, more effective options for detecting breast cancer are sorely lacking.

Concerning conventional breast cancer screening, it is recommended that all women over 40 get mammogram every one to two years, yet there is no solid evidence that mammograms save lives, and the benefits are a bit controversial. In fact, the health hazards of mammography have been well established.

The routine practice of taking four films of each breast annually results in approximately 1 rad exposure, and that is about 1,000 times greater than that from a chest x-ray. In case you haven't heard, radiation is not something to play around with. X-rays and other classes of ionizing have been a proven cause of virtually all types of biological mutations, and are an established cause of genomic instability, a characteristic of the most aggressive cancers.

Reducing exposure to medical radiation with unnecessary mammograms makes good sense, considering the high percentage of false reads, which unfortunately leads many women to have an unnecessarily mastectomy or harmfully treated with more radiation or chemotherapy. Mammography has its value, but there are other technologies that are proven to be more effective, less expensive, and completely harmless. A win-win situation.

What is an option that is safe and can give as much as 10 years warning of something about to develop? It is called thermal imaging, or thermography, which has the ability to detect problems early enough to use preventive choices, versus detecting disease at the stage where treatment is required. Thermography finding are the single most important indicator of high risk for breast cancer. The increased percentage survival rate is astounding when compared with other methods.

How does thermography work? It is basically infrared thermal imaging which detects irregular heat patterns which precedes a breast lump. A healthy body is thermally symmetrical, therefore both breasts that are healthy, the blood flow will show nearly identical patterns. Thermography is able to detect if something is awry by different vascular patterns, which can be an indicator of something wrong. The surface temperature of the breast increases as the body tries to feed the cancer tissue. Heat differentiation in the body is an indicator of disease, hence this principle applies most significantly in regard to breast cancer detection.

Ladies, thermography is non-invasive, painless, and risk-free. Prevention is the best cure.

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