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Becoming A Travel Nurse

Becoming A Travel Nurse

There are many perks to being a nurse like helping people

, learning about modern medicine, the rewarding feeling of saving someone and the upbeat atmosphere of the medical field. Not to mention the pay is great, and there are job offerings everywhere.

Have you ever considered being a traveling nurse? There are many added benefits like an even better pay rate, free private housing, choice locations to work, immediate health and dental insurance, $500 referral bonus, bonuses on select assignments and professional experienced staff.

You can choose your locations and seek adventure or solitude depending on the area in which you have control. There are many great benefits and traditions that come with this job.

The travel nursing industry developed in a response to shortages of nurses in temporary establishments. The current shortage in the United States has increased and the need for this position has also risen. Becoming A Travel Nurse

Now, there are many agencies that recruit qualified Registered Nurses and health professionals that offer incentives like higher wages, relocation assistance, furnished housing and bonuses. Travelers can select from one to several recruitment agencies to serve as an intermediary between hospitals, other employers and themselves.

There are very few limitations in this career. There are over 340 Travel Nursing Companies in tehUnited States as of 2009.

Applying is relatively simple with these agencies, requiring paperwork, applications, work history, verification of licenses and certifications, skill assessments for you rnursing specialty, verification of immunizations or titers for common communicable diseases, current TB skin test or chest x-ray, a physician's statement of certification and numerous other documents required by individual agencies. It sounds like a lot, but most nurses are quite familiar with all such paperwork involved.

The paperwork is only required to be filled out once per agency, and some agencies will receive much of the documentation for competing agencies. Agencies may then submit applications for numerous positions on behalf of each applicant.

The requirements typically include a minimum of one year clinical experience in one's specialty and licensure in his or her current state of employment. Usually those are granted through the home state's board of nursing.

A participant may receive a minimal orientation to the assigned hospital and most often only lasts for one or two days. However, some participants may receive no introductions at all.

This is decided on a case by case basis and should be clarified during the interview process with employers. Travel nurses are expected to be very experienced and knowledgeable in their specialty by their assignment to a hospital.

Due to the change in work environments, it is very important for the participants to be very established in their careers. There are many adjustments when traveling, and it becomes very necessary for there to be an established level of experience and expertise.

The chosen applicants usually work under short-term contracts that can range from 4 to 13 weeks. Contracts outside of the United States can range from 1-2 years in length.

Often times, extensions or permanent positions are offered by hospitals at the end of many contracts. There are many available positions across the country, and often some people like to stay in areas that they have particularly enjoyed.

The housing is provided by the agency and typically consists of a one bedroom furnished apartment while other arrangements are possible. Utilities are sometimes included.

Telephone service, cable TV and sometimes internet can be included. Housing most frequently includes basic furnishings and washer and dryer, dishwasher and a microwave.

All such details can be worked out during negotiations and interviews. Many companies also provide house wares like pots, dishes, utensils and linens.

Clearly, it is important to be very mobile. You may want to trim down on your belongings for frequent travel.

However, it is nice to know that many household items are included upon your arrival to individual cities. This is certainly an adventurous career that offers many new opportunities and experiences of a lifetime. Becoming A Travel Nurse

Travel allowances are usually paid for by the agency that may or may not cover all total costs. Those are important values to consider before committing to an assignment.

There are currently an estimated 25,500 registered participants working in the United States. The total number worldwide is unknown.

There are also over 340 United States travel nurse companies and over 480 internationally. If you are in the health care industry and need a change of scenery, join the thousands of others who are getting great benefits of being a traveling nurse.

by: Tom Selwick
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