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Autos Safety FAQ

Autos Safety FAQ

Author: autofaq

At which speed is it possible for a sports car to roll over?

if you steer very strongly to the right or moved out... I know at slower speeds you will skid, but where's the threshold between skidding and rolling over? maybe 50 mph or more? within a normal motor (sedan) on asphalt (street) ground.

Audi A4, Gas pedal stuck to the floor??Autos Safety FAQ

I am looking for some possible explanantions for this. While driving on the freeway, I was severly cut bad and had to slam HARD on the brakes. After speeding posterior up to a normal speed and after having to brake again (i be in traffic), the gas...

Audi, menace standard lamp switch?

When the engine is turned off, ignition removed and the motor locked. (central locked) the Hazard light switch stays on, approaching glows within the dark. My concern is, the alarm be recently set rotten, and when i looked inside the car, this street light was past...

Australians singular - speed boundaries surrounded by conservatory zone during the holidays?

I pass through a school zone every afternoon. The speed limit in it is 40km/h during arts school hours. As it is the school holidays right now, and thus technically not 'school hours', does the limit still apply?

Australians: Does anyone know the age at which it's okay for kids to sit contained by the front form of a coup?

In NSW, specifically. Thanks!

Auto Accident Rear-Ended?

I was surrounded by a car fluke about 3 weeks ago. After choosing a repair shop which is also a blue-ribbon provider for my insurance, it?? taken adjectives this time for them to tell me they are going to bring my car to another shop for repair...

Auto catastrophe involved 3 cars, mine is one of them and not at defect. I be driving my 92 Camry on the 4th?

lane of 6-lane beltway counting from the left. One person driving an Altima on the second lane (from the left) be going too fast while cars in front of him coming to a slow or stop traffic. He be hitting the brake hard and...

Auto chance within Texas.?

My daughters car be rearended at a light. The police come and took a report and everyone showed proof of liability ins. No citations were issued and both vehicle drove away. Now we find out that the proof of ins. the other driver showed was not valid...

Auto disaster 9-28 autonomy st.braintree ma. witnesses?

please if you gave any info on this calamity let me know. driver of the truck still contained by intensive care. thanx

Auto stroke of luck involved 3 cars, mine is one of them. I be driving my 92 Camry on the 4th lane of 6-lane?

beltway counting from the left. One person driving an Altima on the second lane (from the left) be going too fast while cars in front of him coming to a slow or stop traffic. He be hitting the brake hard and the car skidded,...

Automobile safekeeping?

Would a person be safer contained by a car if they are wearing a helmet of some genus...Motorcycle helmet...I know that a helmet can weigh several pounds and don't know how the kinetic energy would be distributed surrounded by an accident lacking the added seatbelt restraints...

Automobile Side Airbags...?

I have a dumb sound out. How do you know if your vehicle has side airbags? I can plainly see the "SRS" logo on the steering helm and over the glove compartment, but I don't see anything on the doors. I don't remember...

Automobile stroke of luck?

My son get hit by a hackney carriage from behind. He be approaching two line highway where on earth speed limit is 40 mph. He already made his safe and sound turn after checking traffic from left and go almost 30 ft after stop sign. Taxi...

Automotive inspections within MA; How outmoded does a saloon own to be until that time it is exempt from emmissions carrying out tests?

I will be given a car, that is 15 years ancient: Runs well, and I need a vehicle. I do have to have it inspected after registering. Is 15 yrs. frail still the cut off point for the emmissions part of the safekeeping inspection.

Average speed check?

if u were to drive through the first one at 70 in a 50 zone and consequently break straight after and carry on through them at between 45-50 what are the chances you would be caught by them?

Awesome Anti-theft Devices?

What are some great anti-theft devices? I want to take the best care of my motor possible, and I want to make sure it doesn't get wrecked. I hear of peoples rides getting trashed or stolen and it scare me. What are some great anti-theft...

Baby saloon spaces within india?

I would like to buy a babe car form for my one year old daughter. Is any one cause that in india. Can i fit that within my chevy spark car ? where on earth can i find more details thanks jayapprakash

Back Pain - Cars?

Do anyone know what kind of coup creates the least vibrations from the road - I suffer from chronic put money on pain and apparently road vibrations can be a leading cause of the discomfort getting worse. If not a car, is at hand anything which...

Back up camera on auto?

I recently have a small back up camera installed. It in general only works when my sports car is in reverse. However, on some streets when I am driving it will come on and endow with me an upside down picture, usually of Interstate 10...

Bad bus driver?

I drive a school bus everyday. The kids draw from so annoying and dont listen that i finally started mixing my coffee with complicated liquor. Now by the time i get done driving the bus within the morning im half drunk. What should i do to try...

Because over 70% of ethnic group are right hand will at hand be a intercontinental changeover to driving on the gone?

For several reasons driving on the moved out is safer for right handed population

Been contained by 3 saloon accident within somewhat over 3 years?

My first wreck (had been driving for three months) be my fault.....second one, NOT my glitch. Van full of mexicans hit me. Had a two year span with no accident, then today my third. It be my fault. Pulled out surrounded by front of someone. Thought they...

Before they have coup places?

Before they invented car chairs (When were they invented anyway?) what did they do near the baby? What almost if the mother was driving alone next to the baby? What are the statistics on infant injury/mortality formerly and after they came onto the flea market?

Besides deisel fuel/road saline put on floor of semi trailer to maintain loads from sticking?

While hauling coal or paper in this cold weather it's easier said than done to pre-load the night before. Sometimes even if you don't preload the nouns can freeze to the bed of the trailer before getting to desination Any suggs. besides deisel fule or...

Best driving school contained by Los Angeles, California?

I just moved to Los Angeles, and I'm looking for a fitting driving school. I want a arts school that will do both driver's ed and driver's training. Any suggestions/reviews?

Best method to escape a motor when its surrounded by a river?

I have watch myth busters and I am wondering what you think is the best mode. Wait till the car fill up with hose? And what is the best thing to use to break the window? Thanks!

Best spot for child form?

my son just turned one and i was wondering what spot is the best for him, ie trailing drivers seat, in the middle, or passenger side? i drive a 2006 jeep liberty

Better driving?

i am a new driver (18) and only got my liscense not long ago (a month or so) and i am a honest driver i believe, however sometimes i tend to drift off and not awareness traffic lights, stop signs, etc. do you have any tips/advice...

Better traction on snow/ice?

Tell me if I'm crazy, but I swear that I've heard that it's better for your tires to be of late a little under-inflated within the winter, because it provides more traction on ice and snow. Is this true?

Big truck and lorry drivers?

why oh why, when driving on rural roads, do big truck or lorry drivers insist on driving at 30mph in a 60mph nouns, only to drift across the road, when you try to overtake? I apprehend, that there may reason for travelling at 30mph ish, due...

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