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Auto Shipping: Career Opportunities

Auto Shipping: Career Opportunities

There are incredible career opportunities in the auto shipping industry including

a wide variety of options for many different skills, talents and expertise at all levels. There are both full time and part time opportunities available in the industry to fill many exciting and innovative positions. The auto shipping industry is no different than any other in the qualities they seek in prospective employees. They are looking for loyal, motivated, hard working, qualified people at all levels of skill and experience. The auto shipping industry is a rather recent one, yet technologically advanced and provides some outstanding career opportunities with advancement and personal and career development potential even to the most inexperienced drivers or mechanics.

Auto shipping jobs are advertised in the same manner as many others, through classified ads, car dealers and online recruiting sites. The industry has many positions to fill whether of a general or specific nature in shipping of multiple or single vehicles, customized shipping or standard, vintage, collectible, customized or sports cars or any other vehicle that requires shipping. In modern times, people are ever on the move. Available jobs in the industry include auto mover truck drivers, shipping dispatchers, the ubiquitous customer service representatives, car haulers, commercial drivers, military vehicle shipping positions, truck fleet mangers and mechanic positions too numerous to mention, ranging from absolute beginner through to the most experienced and expert, and there is still more.

The most basic and obvious job which occurs is that of a truck driver. The auto shipping driver's job is made more complex and loaded with responsibility because the driver is the one who loads and unloads the vehicle, checks it before delivery, interacts with the customer at pick up and drop off, as well the one who does the actual lond-distance driving with a large number of valuable cars to be delivered on time to their various destinations. Cars may have to be picked up and unloaded at various states or delivered across boarders: such jobs may take weeks to complete. The work is not easy, but definitely more interesting than driving an ice cream van and is paid much better.

The dispatcher in the auto shipping industry is actually a travel agent who takes orders and then lets the customer's specifications be known to the trucking company. The dispatcher must establish communication between the customer and driver as to pick up, delivery and transportation times and certainly the cost of the entire process. The dispatcher/travel agent is very much involved in the planning of a customer vehicle's trip, meaning that person must be highly organized and articulate. A carrier with many vehicles will have orders to deliver them to many differing destinations and the cost analysis in this type of project while still allowing for maximum customer service and profit for the shipping company is not a task for the faint-hearted or easily fatigued.

The customer service representative does not involve himself in the planning of the transportation but he/she is responsible for maintaining customer good will with oft times cranky customers who really don't trust that Lamborghini to anyone but themselves. Besides being their psychiatric nurse, the representative must provide the crotchety souls with pertinent information, including quotes, and then do the task of placing orders with the dispatcher who will in turn work with the company. Thereby becoming a true middleman.

Probably the most crucial profession in the industry is that of the diesel mechanic. No auto transport company can do without one. His routines involve ensuring the security of traveling trucks. The requirements are high, but the job is well regarded and well paid.

And lastly is the auto processor who operates the processing of the customer's vehicles through the many different company terminals.

There are some companies that will offer certified courses in many, or in some cases, all of the core positions. Training for the other positions are available at community colleges, vocational or trade schools, and sometimes on the job.

by: Tom Kearns
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Auto Shipping: Career Opportunities